More on machines that go ping. or not.

My BP was down from Monday, which was good news, but is still not what is normal for me so I have been asked to continue to ‘take it easy’ until they get the pee test results back, which will be Tuesday.  I also have to get another non-stress test (the machine that does not go ping) for the baby next week just to make sure things are going ok.  In this case, I think it is appropriate and do not feel irritated or infringed upon.

I would just like to mention at this point that they do not make their pee jugs large enough for pregnant women.  And also, my midwife told me that she loves my urine….apparently I get the gold star for drinking enough water.

3 or 4 more weeks.

Today I put tape on the baby clothes hangers and wrote a notation for which clothes are for which months, since I have outfits now that span about a year and I want to know how many of each there are. Is this extreme? Perhaps I am nesting. One can hope.  I’ve got about 11 newborn outfits now plus a million 0-3 ms. onesies.  Seems like too many clothes to me but I have no idea how often babies need changed.


I so rock

I’m proofreading a file today that will be read by Ban KiMoon (the U.N. Scretary-General, if it doesn’t ring a bell…)  for a UNESCO event.

AND, I get to pee in a jug for 24 hours today.

Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

Gestational Hypertension

Who knew pregnancy could be so educational?  Or perilous?

When I went for my prenatal exam on Friday, my bp was a lot higher than usual. They had to take it 4 times and the last reading, the one after the end of the exam, was the most reassuring but still higher than usual.  My midwife also did a knee reflex test, which she hadn’t done before but which I have just this morning found out can be an indication of hypersensitivity….and my knees gave her fine, fine jerks, which they probably would not have done had things been normal.

So she had me go back in on Monday to get another check. It was still high so the OB I am working with, who is fortunately in on Mondays, told me to ‘take it easy’ this week and come back in for my regular appt on this Friday. But before I go in on Friday, I get to do a 24-hour urine collection (ie, pee in a jug for 24 hours) so they can check my protein levels. Apparently, with this kind of hypertension, your body passes out too much protein which shows up in the urine.

Gestational hypertension often arises for no known cause altho it is more likely in a first pregnancy than subsequent ones.  It often arises after the 37th week of pregnancy altho it can happen any time after week 20 (I was at the end of week 35).  There are not any symptoms other than elevated bp except in severe cases, such as blurred vision, vomiting, severe headaches. It is essentially a reaction of the maternal body against the foreign invading substance and can lead to pre-eclampsia (‘before seizure’) and eclampsia (‘seizure’).  As my OB said, ‘it is a reaction against the placenta and the only cure is to deliver the placenta. It is usually customary to deliver the baby, as well’. Ha! A little OB humor for you.

This website was particuarly informative for me….

So I have pretty much been hanging out on the couch this week.  Fortunately, since I can work from home I have still be able to work the days I’ve been assigned this week but, lest you think that hanging out on the couch for a few days sounds pretty much like heaven, I will warn you of the disadvantages.   A) you tend to fall asleep while working, which is probably frowned upon by your employers, B) your hip starts to hurt (keep in mind that one must lie on one’s left side), C) heartburn is worsened by lying down, and D) you just generally feel inhibited.  I do not know how these women who are put on bedrest quite early in the pregnancy can manage.  But I am trying to ignore all the things that I feel like I want to get done and just relax since worrying about all the things that I wanted to get done probably contributed to my stress level.

So, woohoo for pregnancy. Isn’t it great?  It is far more of a parasitic relationship than anyone in our culture is typically willing to admit.  They tell me it is worth it in the end and I am sure it will be. I am also sure that our next baby is going to be a cute little Asian baby that we will receive from the nice people at the adoption agency.

Afternoon tea at the Baby Shower Open house

Big thanks go to my mom for hosting the baby shower open house at her house on Sunday.  I got to see a lot of people that I hadn’t seen in awhile and received many useful items for baby….as well as oodles more clothes!

The menu we prepared was based on an afternoon tea theme and frankly, it turned out really yummy if I do say so myself.

I’m linking some of the recipes to the pages that I got them from in case you want to try them out. The sandwiches were particularly good and would be yummy just for sandwiches for oneself.

English Sausage Rolls 
Chicken Curry Tea Sandwiches
Cucumber Sandwiches
Avocado Ham Sandwiches (also good w/ the chopped walnuts.  The spread is SO good even my stepdad liked it^^  Make it vegetarian w/out the ham…we made these on rye)
Mini Spinach Quiche Tarts
Brown Sugar Zucchini Muffins
Mini Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Mini pastry shells

6 Tbsp peanut butter

1 4 oz bar baking chocolate, cut into 18 pieces

2/3 c. mini marshmallows


Place shells on baking sheet. Add small scoop  peanut butter, one square chocolate, top w/ 2-3 mini marshmallows (you can use the p.b. to help them stick)

bake at 400 10 – 12 minutes or until marshmallows are golden brown.


Citrus Mint Cooler (this is REALLY good but you only need half the sugar….)

Finally, here’s a look at the crib my stepdad has made for us out of his own head without a pattern because he is an amazing artist.  The last step will be to stain it so we had to choose the stain this weekend…


Look what’s on Yahoo!

An article on EC. Yay! I’m not as crazy as you think I am (ok, maybe I am…but!)

Probably most people will think it’s nuts but maybe some people will be interested like I was…


To my wonderful and excessively driven hard-working husband who just found out he passed the first part of his AICPA exam and with plenty of points to spare!

 What can I say? This guy rocks!


Mall walkers and driving in Ecuador

There’s really  no link; this is just what I’m reporting on today.

Apparently some parts of Ohio are under water but in Cincinnati we had a bit of rain earlier in the week but are back to the upper limits of the 90s now.  Seeing as how the heat index was 103 yesterday, I opted NOT to walk outside but went to walk at the mall instead. I have never done that before. Can I just say how boring it is compared to walking out of doors?  It is, however, quite cool, arctic, you could say.  Still, I managed to sweat.

On a completely unrelated note, my brother the sailor spent an extremely unproductive time in an Ecuadoran bus this past week attempting to go inland for a concert.  The bus managed to, of course, break down and by the time they got to where they were supposed to perform, they found out that the bus that was bringing the instruments/equipment had also broken down. So after eating lunch, they turned around and drove back to port.  BUT!  He did get to investigate the finer subtleties of driving in Ecuador, from which he composed a few rules, which I am reproducing here without his permission.

If the road is new enough to still have lane lines painted on it (if any were painted to begin with) then the following rules apply to passing:

  1. If there is no line you may pass if your vehicle has the power to over take the vehicle in front and if you feel like passing.

  1. If there is a dotted line you may do the same, but you should pass when there is an oncoming vehicle in the passing lane and your vehicle’s acceleration power is questionable.

  1. If there is a solid line, refer to rule #2.

  1. If there is a solid line on a curvy/blind section of road and you are going up hill, it is MANDATORY to pass any vehicle in front of you and this MUST be done at the point were it is most likely that you will collide with on-coming traffic.

Bear in mind, at any point if you are passed, you must make every effort within your vehicles capacity to pass the person who passed you.

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