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Forgot to mention my pre-natal appt yesterday.  After waiting about 50 minutes in the room, the resident finally made her appearance. Troy had given up waiting 15 minutes beforehand and left for work.  I liked this resident much better so am glad about that but I am not at all glad about the fact that they have to go report to a senior doctor because somehow, WHOEVER IT IS that they consult keeps wanting to MESS WITH MY PREGNANCY.  So the new thing this week: baby’s heartrate was at 163 (normal is between 140-160) so the WHOEVER IT WAS decided that was too high and told the resident to tell me to come in again next week to get it checked again and of course the only time they had was smack dab in the middle of my work morning (I don’t get compensated for hours missed, can’t make them up and also will have to take off the full 4 hour shift to accomodate the only time they had available).  If this was a real issue for concern, OF COURSE, I would not complain. but I don’t feel like it is.  The silly nonstress test that I had to do last time pretty much showed the average rate of 152. Also, I was terrible thirsty yesterday morning and I really think I get dehydrated during the night (esp now that it is so hot and the air runs all night and dries out the air), which causes an elevated fetal heartrate.  I TOLD the resident this but she had to recommend me to come in again.

So. I put a call in to my midwife. Yes, me. Who never questions anything but does what I am told with obedience and only internal grumbling.  I am going to see what she thinks about it and if she thinks it is necessary I will go but if not I won’t.

I find it interesting that the only people who are finding things to quibble about are the residents/the doctor they have to answer to (who is NOT the OB I have seen since she’s only there 1 day a week…).


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  1. The Mom
    Aug 09, 2007 @ 13:13:29

    Do what the midwife says. I can’t see that 3 points is anything to be alarmed about, given all the possible explanations you listed. And if you DO have to go back, make them scedule you for a time when you’re not working. Enuff already.


  2. nikkip
    Aug 09, 2007 @ 16:40:19

    and let us know what happens!
    btw, any dialation?


  3. ~m
    Aug 10, 2007 @ 10:19:59

    Thanks, you guys. I’m trying to not feel guilty about not being concerned but like you said, Mom, 3 points is not that much. I am starting to question the accuracy of these Doppler machines; seems like it would be more accurate to time it and count manually.
    I’ll be sure to let you know, whether you wanted to or not^^
    Don’t know about dilation yet; maybe on the next regular visit with the midwife on the 24th?


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