So there’s these people we know and they are really super cool and ultrahip and DESPITE the fact that we are total dweebs and not cool at all, they still hang out with us sometimes.  I guess they probably feel sorry for us. So the one pair of cool people invited us to their house last weekend and the other set of cool people drove all the way out from the East freaking Coast to surprise Troy because APPARENTLY they like him even though, as I have said, neither of us is cool. (t was VERY surprised, by the way.  I could tell because his eyes widened and usually they just look sleepy)  So THEN for the rest of the weekend they proceeded to do ALL KINDS OF NICE THINGS for us including holding a mini-baby shower, providing all kinds of nice food (who knew that Graeter’s made ICE CREAM ROLL CAKES?) and entertaining us to no end.


So our return to our geeky normalcy was heralded by a trip to the vet last evening for Shadow as she had apparently been in a cat fight, gotten bit and managed to have the bite turn into an abcess over the weekend. I didn’t want to take her and drop another wad o’ cash at the vet; I was going to hold out and be strong and let her body fix itself but the steadily enlarging and bloody-looking (i mean that literally) protuberance above her eye finally compelled me to take her in last night. The first words out of the vet’s mouth were:  that looks just about ready to rupture. If only I had stood firm and let it rupture on its own. Oh, well. It looks far, far better today already and is still draining only slightly. 

Soon we are going to have another little item on which to spend money so Shadow had better not get into any cat fights.

Not that she is going out this week; neither is Ollie and neither am I, despite my swollen feet which beg to be taken for a walk to get the blood circulating.  The heat index was well over 100 today.  The poor meter reader came by to read the gas meter and his shirt was drenched.  I am VERY THANKFUL for my indoor job and future generations will just have to gasp like fish in the dreadful heat from the damaged atmosphere. they can curse my name but I am running the air.  I have it set at 80 but it pretty much runs constantly during the day. It was off the better part of the morning, tho, and has starting to kick off this evening. Maybe the rain helped. I hope it helped my garden.

Ok, too many rabbit trails.  That’s enough for now.


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