Win some, lose some

Thanks for your comments about the job thing. I emailed the coordinator to find out if maybe they had some kind of teleconferencing in  place for this kind of situation but she said no.  They’ll put me on the list for the next training session. In a year.  I knew kids were not a terribly wise financial choice, I guess I just didn’t expect that that would play out so soon in my life.  I suppose when i have a nice soft baby to cuddle it won’t seem so bad.

Except when it cries. 

My stepdad is almost finished making the crib and he asked if we wanted him to put a lid on it. I said yes and to see about making it soundproof as well.


On a more positive note, I called the OB that I had met with a couple times (my midwife didn’t call me back and is out of the office till next week) and asked her if she thought it was necessary for me to go in for another check of the baby’s heart rate. She said she saw no reason for me to have to do so and didn’t really understand why it was suggested in the first place. My kind of OB.  I told her that I had been dehydrated, etc, and that the non-stress test a few weeks ago had been normal and she said that a heart rate anywhere from 100 to the 160s was well inside the range of normal. She said that even spikes into the 170s and 180s were not unheard of and that a fast rate indicates to her that the baby’s central nervous system is doing its thing. 

So, ha.  At least I don’t have to go to the doctor’s this week.  And at least my instincts about the situation were right, which is a nice morale booster.


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