Mall walkers and driving in Ecuador

There’s really  no link; this is just what I’m reporting on today.

Apparently some parts of Ohio are under water but in Cincinnati we had a bit of rain earlier in the week but are back to the upper limits of the 90s now.  Seeing as how the heat index was 103 yesterday, I opted NOT to walk outside but went to walk at the mall instead. I have never done that before. Can I just say how boring it is compared to walking out of doors?  It is, however, quite cool, arctic, you could say.  Still, I managed to sweat.

On a completely unrelated note, my brother the sailor spent an extremely unproductive time in an Ecuadoran bus this past week attempting to go inland for a concert.  The bus managed to, of course, break down and by the time they got to where they were supposed to perform, they found out that the bus that was bringing the instruments/equipment had also broken down. So after eating lunch, they turned around and drove back to port.  BUT!  He did get to investigate the finer subtleties of driving in Ecuador, from which he composed a few rules, which I am reproducing here without his permission.

If the road is new enough to still have lane lines painted on it (if any were painted to begin with) then the following rules apply to passing:

  1. If there is no line you may pass if your vehicle has the power to over take the vehicle in front and if you feel like passing.

  1. If there is a dotted line you may do the same, but you should pass when there is an oncoming vehicle in the passing lane and your vehicle’s acceleration power is questionable.

  1. If there is a solid line, refer to rule #2.

  1. If there is a solid line on a curvy/blind section of road and you are going up hill, it is MANDATORY to pass any vehicle in front of you and this MUST be done at the point were it is most likely that you will collide with on-coming traffic.

Bear in mind, at any point if you are passed, you must make every effort within your vehicles capacity to pass the person who passed you.


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