The Tale of Kitty Woes

Yesterday I was cleaning like a maniac (Hi! I’m nesting!) in the morning because i found signs of flea dirt around. Mostly I think it’s from Shadow, who we allow to roam outside freely, and so she gets into all the places where fleas hide out. (When we don’t let her out she is too annoying to deal with and beats up the other kitties)  So I was vacuuming like a fiend and washed all the towels and things that the cats sleep on and vacuumed the furniture and the places around the things that the cats sleep on and the kitty beds (I saw a live flea larvae on Sweetie’s bed! Yikes! Just one tho!) and EVERYTHING and then I was just determined that we needed to get them treated so that all my cleaning was not in vain.

So Troy called the vet and they told him how much it would be to bring them in and get them treated so we loaded ALL THREE cats up. We got Sweetie into a carrier right away without any problems and then we tried Ollie but that didn’t go so well and he got super freaked out and was growling at us so we put Shadow in the carrier instead and I put Ollie on his leash and just held him (we only had 2 carriers) and so all the cats were loaded into the car and they were ALL CRYING piteously the whole way there and then when we got there, the vet tech was like, oh, we can just sell you the product and you can put it on them, you don’t have to see the vet. And we were like, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!???? 

So we just bought the Frontline stuff and she showed us how to put it on and we turned around and took the kitties right back home (and we bought another carrier while we were there so Ollie had a box to ride in) but we were kind of mad because we had had to traumatize the poor kitties for nothing (or maybe it was more traumatic for US). So we got them all flea treated and hopefully it will work because newborn babies and fleas are probably not the best mix in the world.

I have not noticed any flea bites on me and usually I get bitten pretty quickly if there are any biting bugs around so maybe we’re safe. And we are going to apply that treatment monthly from now on!

Stupid fleas. Poor kitties!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sharon Sue
    Sep 04, 2007 @ 21:29:38

    Ah, you need to move next door to me. No fleas here, no sirree bob. Too cold in winter, too hot and dry in summer. Yup, this here climate is too harsh for fleas. And me. But it would be almost tolerable if you moved next door.


  2. ~m
    Sep 05, 2007 @ 12:16:09

    If I moved there, you would up and move to Bellingham and leave me stranded. Flealess, but stranded! 😛


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