Wild, wild Suburbs!

I have been sleeping in the living room on the couch for the past couple weeks in an attempt to get a somewhat as restful as possible night’s sleep.  The benefits of the couch include back support as I lay on my side as well as the fact that I can prop my torso up on the arms to try to escape heartburn.  I am sure you know of what I am speaking if you are, er, a mom, that is.

Last night at 3:30 I woke bolt upright (well, not ‘bolt upright’ as that implies fast and sudden movement, which is pretty much impossible these days so let us say awoke from a dead sleep) because in my sleep I had smelled A Smell.  This Smell was not a normal smell, it was not even a smell that you might smell occassionally, so when Ollie makes his sneaky way into the basement and pees in a corner somewhere, as he loves to do. No, this was A Smell to wake one from a night’s slumber, indeed.  It was a Wrong Smell, a Bad Smell. 

I had turned the house vent on before bed to keep the air circulating, as we are wont to do, and my first thot was that there was a fire in the basement. Fire! Basement! Kitties!  OH, no!  I rushed to the vent to take a closer sniff but realized that no, it was not fire, exactly, that I was smelling.  It was…it was…

It was Skunk.

I peered out the living room windows to see what I could see, which was an opossum investigating the area near the bird feeder. As far as I know opossums do not smell like skunks but I have never met one personally.  I listened closely to basement noises. Was there a skunk in the basement?  Were the kitties covered in skunk funk even as I listened, so overcome with Smell that they could not even meow?  So, altho I did not really want to, I went down to investigate.  All I found, however, were two sleepy kitties blinking groggily at my middle of the night intrusion into their slumbers. There was no sign of either fire or skunk but there was the same Smell, altho not as strong.

So.  I returned upstairs and turned off the offending vent and opened the windows a little wider. My theory this bright morning is that the Opossum and the Skunk got in a heated debate near the window of our basement and Skunk made his opinion felt quite forcefully.

And so, if you come to our house today, you will find that the kitties are having a field day sniffing around outside and that the not really all that delicate bouquet of Eau de Peppe le Pew still lingers both inside and out.

Maybe they’ll start making some kind of animal kingdom TV shows in my neighborhood, as it seems to be quite wild.  As long as they use odor-less skunks.


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  1. The Mom
    Sep 17, 2007 @ 08:52:41

    Thjis would only happen to YOU! 🙂


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