A Little something

So when I went to get the mail today there was a bookmark kind of thing resting on the mailbox. It was yellow with a sparkly gold ribbon at the top and the handwritten, xeroxed words had this to say for itself:

With Love

Please help stop abortion
About 4000 babies are killed in America’s clinics daily

God and Jesus loves [sic] you and the unborn babies
They say to Love One Another

God says
An earthquake and war are very near

Do Pray
God bless you

(and on the back:)

Possibly earthquake free-zone
Batavia, Illinois


Aside from the grammar, this person seems to have several misconceptions about the state of the world today as well. War is ‘near’?  I suppose you could say that; it might be more accurate to say that it is actually happening now.  And it seems to me that there have been quite a few earthquakes as well, altho possibly not as near as Cincinnati, OH.

And what do these do catastrophic events have to do with abortion?

And what does Batavia, IL and its alledged earthquake-free-ness have to do with ANYTHING that came before?

And theologically speaking, where is this person coming from? God AND Jesus? 

I’m so confused. God loves the unborn babies so if we don’t save them, he will inflict wars and earthquakes on the ones that are born already?  God and Jesus loves you but will cause wars and earthquakes to happen if you don’t save the unborn babies?  God and Jesus loves you and have a wonderful plan for your life that includes living earthquake free in Batavia, IL?

It is all too much.  I must go rest my poor little head now.

While I watch out for earthquakes…


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. npappas
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 08:04:05

    that is so weird…and sad.


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