Ollie Discovers the Mommy Belly-Shelf, Makes Full Use Thereof

THE SOFA, Cincinnati–In a break-through event late last night, Oliver Twist discovered and used the Mommy Belly-Shelf for himself as an excellent place to rest, relax and receive adoration.  Mr. Twist has in the past had good opportunity to observe Ms. Self-Appointed-Dictator-For-Life Shadow utilizing the Mommy Belly-Shelf but had not, to that point, tried it himself.

After having had injury in the form of being subjected to vaccinations at the vet in the morning coupled with the insult of being sequestered alone in a room for most of the day due to the arrival of his canine cousins, that wacky pair Harley and Jean-Luk, Mr. Twist found freedom and relief in the quiet of the night after said canines were relegated to the guest room with their mamma, Ms. Burnison of Charleston, S.C., for a night of repose.  Mr. Twist was given his freedom, which he took rather quietly and thoughtfully, and, in the course of the night decided that, due to the impositions placed on him throughout the rather traumatic day, he would utilize the Mommy Belly-Shelf to gain the attention, cuddling and general worship that he had not received during the day but which are, in fact, his perceived and just due.

Mr. Twist found the Mommy Belly-Shelf to be just to his liking and tried it twice more throughout the course of the night.  He was quoted as saying that even though it took him nine months to actually figure out the use of the Belly-Shelf, it was quite comfortable and exactly cat-sized ergo it was created just for him and he intended to use it as frequently as he felt like it, which might be frequently and then again, might not.

The Mommy part of the Mommy Belly-Shelf commented that her sweety golden boy is so cute and soft and fluffy that she didn’t mind being rudely awakened three times during the night to give pets to his little softy head.  Nothing of further sense could be interpreted from The Mommy’s comments and even these remarks may cause a little wonder and doubt about the alledged sanity of The Mommy.

Spokespersons for Ms. Self-Appointed-Dictator-For-Life and Fun-Police Shadow have released a statement saying that the aforementioned Ms. Shadow may be required to pursue legal means to deal with this infringement upon her property.

 Baby Miles was unavailable for comment at the time of the writing of this article.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Mom
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 11:47:25

    Re: being rudely awakened 3x during the night for the purpose of comfort and coddling – a mere dress-rehearsal for that which is to come!


  2. npappas
    Sep 28, 2007 @ 08:30:31

    my thoughts exactly, mom!


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