One month!

Last night was spent in remembering everything we went through a month before.  This time last month we were driving to hospital. This time last month they had whisked the small son to the incubator and were working over him.  This time last month he was being transfered to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

We are so thankful that our small son is doing so well four weeks out.  His biggest problem seems to be those terrible hiccups, garment changes, and waking up to realize that someone is not holding him on their shoulder.  But he is starting to notice his world a little more and hopefully soon we’ll have Interactive Baby instead of just Eat-Cry-Sleep-Poop Baby.

Mom is having difficulties with small son’s latch but I don’t intend for this to be a breastfeeding blog so I will just say that while things are going back and forth, we haven’t given up yet and hopefully it will all work out in the end. I’m going to try to get another appointment this week with a lactation consultant.  Troy’s been really supportive throughout the whole breastfeeding ordeal so uber-kudos to him as well as all my friends and family who have given me emotional support during it as well.  Who knew something so ‘natural’ could be such a hurdle. I couldn’t have kept going this long without all of you who have encouraged me.  THANK YOU.


Well, this was unexpected

How many adults does it take to take care of a newborn?  Apparently, all of them.

When they say that taking care of a new baby is hard, it is actually not an exaggeration.  And yet without actually having done it, I don’t think you can really understand what exactly ‘hard’ means.

We have been getting through with some heavy reliance on family, for which I say heartfeltedly: THANK YOU.  My mom has pretended that she loves to come visit us for days on end and take over the graveyard feeding.  My brother the sailor, who just came ashore last week, rushed right out to stay at my house all week and he, too, has pretended to enjoy disrupted sleep patterns as he feeds the Small Son at 4 a.m. o’ the mornings.  He even changes diapers.

There’s been a lot going on. I’m going to post about how the whole thing got started even tho you already know it. It will be good for me to write it all out since I haven’t yet. But I reckon that will take awhile.

Meanwhile, Pop Quiz!  Identify which of the following are true statements:

1.  New moms stay in their pajamas pretty much all day.

2. ‘Sleeping when the baby sleeps’ is nearly impossible to do.

3. Deodorant becomes an option.

4. Ditto tooth brushing.

5. Mixed nuts are a nursing mom’s best friend

6. Breastfeeding is a messy business.

7. Babies cry a lot.

The first person to guess the correct answer gets to take care of the Small Son for a whole 24 hours FREE OF CHARGE. I’m not lying.  Good luck!