Ollie demands his shoulder time

Its that time of year again. The colder weather reminds Ollie of his shoulder-perching propensities.  Minor protuberances like 14 lb babies hanging out in slings on mommy’s chest will not stop him from taking over his rightful position. After all, he was here first.

And so I type with one hand.


What a funny!

Once when we were visiting some Korean friends who now live in San Francisco, we were watching (I don’t know why) a Korean-made English-language video that belonged to their young daughter.  Why, when they were living in the U.S., they did not just sign her up for a playgroup for her to learn English I do not know except that they are Korean and that is the Korean Way.

Anyway, so one of the phrases that the female narrator kept repeating in that super-saccharine Female Asian voice was:

“What a wonderful!”

And we have not yet recovered from hearing that. To this day we still pull it out and use it because, really, it just is so handy.

ANYWAY, the point of that story is, well, there really isn’t a point. I just wanted to share it and to remind you that grammar is important and we should all respect direct objects a lot more.

AND, what reminded me of all this was that in my inbox this morning was an email from Everyday Foods, a recipe newsletter that I somehow receive now. The title of the email was:

Easy Italian and Peanut Butter Cup Cookies.

I want to know how many Italians have to go into these cookies? What exactly is the ratio of Italian to Peanut Butter Cup? And would adding a little more or a little less of each REALLY make that much of a difference taste-wise?

Gratuituous Thanksgiving Day photos



Birthday week!

This week sees the birthdays of two of my favorite people:

Happy birthday, Mom and happy early birthday, Troy!  Without these 2 people I could not have survived the past 2 months.

Little house

Right now I am re-reading the Little House on the Prairie books. Like many youngsters, I read and re-read the Little House as a child. Perhaps that formed my impression that I was born in the wrong era; that I would be much better suited to life on the farmstead than life in a 21st century technociety.

Reading them again, it strikes me that pioneer life was really HARD but that when you don’t know the luxury of central heat and HDTV, you can be pretty happy even though your windows have frosted up ON THE INSIDE of your house, your toys are composed of a corncob for a doll, and your favorite weekly activity is churning butter.

I am only into the first few chapters of Little House in the Big Woods. It has struck me, reading it after all these years, that gender equality was much more of a matter-of-fact thing in pioneer days.  The descriptions of what constitutes ‘women’s work’ or a woman’s place being in the home carry little weight when faced with the huge amount of skill and learning that it took for women to complete their everyday tasks before the advent of electricity or labor saving devices. I mean, do you know how to make butter? Or cheese? Or use up every part of the pig that your DH slaughtered? Would you even know how to slaughter a pig or how to smoke the meat? Do you even know what ‘crackling’ is?  I had to look it up, altho I had a vague idea. 

And your DH is out all day plowing or planting or harvesting or hunting and comes back with icicles dripping from his beard and warms up in the house before going back out to do the outdoor chores like mucking and so forth. And Jack the brindle bulldog chases off everything from deer to bears to wolves at night.

It was a team effort, that is for sure.

Anyway. Good times on the prairie.  Makes life seem pretty easy but I feel sad for the loss of such skills that once were a part of everyday life.

Area Women Reports Peaceful Naptime a Momentary Glitch

Your city–A local woman reported that the ease with which the SmallSon went to sleep one day before naptime was a momentary glitch.

“His quiet entry into the Land of Morpheus was just a slight accident. It has been impossible to determine who was responsible for this lapse.”

SmallSon quickly recovered from this naptime issue and is back to his normal operative mode of crying and/or screaming to allow his parental units to yield strange and unusual performances in attempts to lull him to sleep.

Although much research has been done to try to figure out just who or what, if anyone or anything, was responsible for this breach in crying, to date, the data have proved unreliable at best and insignificant overall.  Further research is needed on this topic in the future.

Success, for now

When we stayed with the smallson in the NICU, one of the best pieces, if not THE best piece, of advice about breastfeeding I got from one of the NICU nurses.  She told me to give it 8 weeks before giving up.  And so that was my goal.  As it turned out it only took Baby Miles and me 6 weeks to get there but they were a LONG six weeks of pain, and crying and pumping and more crying and more pumping.  While it still occasionally feels like rubbing a cheese grater on the girls, the difference between then and now is night and day.  I actually didn’t think it would work out but since that last meeting with the lactation consultant, it has.  I am pumping once during the night now more to get a break than because I need to physically. Plus, it gives Troy a chance to feed baby, as well, because otherwise Troy would just be sleeping through the night and that would be too boring, right?

Without the support I got from friends and family I couldn’t have persisted (well, that and a high pain tolerance AND being too damn pigheaded to stop when it was good for me) and I now have the utmost understanding for women who can’t go on because of the pain or for whatever other reason and how devastating that can be.  I don’t know how long Baby Miles and I will be able to go on; he still uses his gums a lot because of the tongue tie and so when that first tooth comes in, that might be the end. On the other hand, maybe his tongue will have loosened up enough by then to cover his gums and we’ll be able to go a lot longer. Who knows? At any rate, I’m just glad to be able to do it for this first little while.

Glad…except when that 4:30/5 a.m. feeding rolls around because SURELY he could sleep a little longer!

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