First emergency room visit

So Wednesday night we spent the evening in the emergency room with Baby Miles. During the last afternoon I noticed that his penis was swollen during a diaper change. I made an appointment for him for the next morning at the doctor’s office but by the time Troy got home I figured that I would probably be freaking out about it all night and so we went to an urgent care. The doctor there refused to diagnose him and told us to take to the emergency room at Children’s Hospital. We debated on and off whether it was really necessary but finally decided to go. 

The doctor on call there was stumped and had to call the urologist. The urologist decided that he had a skin infection in his foreskin from an unknown source and prescribed some antibiotics and he has been doing better since then.

There. I have made you read ‘swollen penis’ and ‘infected foreskin’ all in one post. You will never read this again, will you?


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