One last go

Had another (and final) visit to the lactation consultant/pediatrician that I saw initially.  She encouraged me that Miles has actually gained quite a bit of control over his tongue since she saw him 4 weeks ago. His frenulum is too short to be clipped but she recommended that I use the football hold exclusively to let gravity help him hold his tongue down. He latched well at the session (he always latches well when not at home, it seems, or when he has an audience!) and transfered milk well. I guess the issue now is getting him latched well all the time and getting the skin damage that I have sustained healed up so it is not painful.  Not sure how that is supposed to happen while I am nursing him and it has been that way pretty much from the start but I would like to not have it be that way anymore. We’ll hope for the best.

So I am going to give it 2 more weeks and see where we’re at. That will be 2 months for the little guy and if that is all we get, well, that is ok.  She did tell me to not worry about pumping unless I feel like I need to. Last night it worked out to nurse him during the day and then I pumped at night while Troy was around in order to take a break from Mr. Jaws.  It was MUCH less stressful than trying to worry about soothing the crying baby after he’s been crying for an hour and it’s been 4 or 5 hours since I pumped and oh no! my milk supply is going to dwindle IMMEDIATELY because of it. 

Maybe we’ll get there and maybe we won’t. At least I have more peace about it and feel like even if we don’t reach the goal, at least we have tried our best.

And thanks again for everyone who’s supported me.  Every time I go to Children’s Hospital, I realize that breastfeeding or not breastfeeding my child is not really all that life-altering decision, especially when I see what other parents/children are dealing with; truly life-altering issues.  But it HAS been an emotional issue and I’m glad for the support that has helped me gain more perspective.


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