‘Allo. Ha, ha!  Allow me to introduce myself. Ha, ha!  I am Meister Fussy Crankypants, Super-uber VunderCrybaby of ze Order of ze Uniwersal Power of Yell. 

My sole goal ees uniwersal domination. I vill acheif zis domination zru endless crying. Already I haf begun it! Ha, ha!  Ze helpless male parent type und female parent type already are vorn down vees my endless fussying.  It is true!  Ha, ha!  Zee silly cats flee before my mighty scream. Ha! and ha!

You are next, mere mortals! No one can stand before ze power of a VunderCrybaby!  My great skill at crying vill soon rule ze world!  Ha, ha!

 Ack! Vat is zis?!  Eet ees ze dread MagicVac!  Ack! Eet is not fair, eet ees not FAIR, EEEEET EEEEESSS NOOOOOTTT……



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