Korean weddings

I only got to go to one Korean wedding when I was living in Korea and that was the wedding of a friend of ours.  She and her husband are Christians, which means they only had a church wedding, not a traditional-style wedding along with it.

 Of course, when we think of weddings, especially church weddings, we think of proper attire and attitude on the part of the audience but in this particular case, there were a multitude of outfits, from traditional Korean attire to jeans and t-shirts. Many of the guests carried on conversations while the minister went through his little speech (I am sure there are people in the U.S. who would WANT to and who maybe actually do but on the whole, that would be the height of rudeness).

If the couple doesn’t have strong religious feelings about it, usually a Korean wedding will have both a ‘Western’ and Korean wedding, complete with costume changes, of course.  Most of these weddings take place at wedding halls or hotels and are they a circus. According to one of our British friends who married a Korean woman, they came out on a conveyor belt that went around the perimeter of the hall when they were married.

How come weddings here don’t have conveyor belts, is what I want to know!!  We are missing ALL the fun. Unless, I guess, you go to Vegas.

Anyway, I got to thinking about this because of this particular sentence I proofread this morning for a hotel’s wedding hall in Korea:

New, modern facilities such as sound and lighting equipment and a large screen will make your wedding more memorable.

Because what is a wedding without a lot of reverb and big-screen tvs?


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