Sleep tight

Miles went to sleep for his morning nap WITHOUT A SOUND. No screaming, no crying, not even any fussing. Seriously, do you know how huge that is?  Since Day 1, he has been crying and/or screaming his way to sleep for each and every nap and sometimes for his night sleeps, too.   I have even resorted to using earplugs and you have already heard about the handivac (altho lately we have been able to tone it down with just the hair dryer.)  I am sure this is not the end to the i-can’t-sleep-without-crying business but if he does it once, probably he’ll do it again. sometime. someday. yay!

 AND, last evening after I finished proofing and feeding the smallson, I popped him into his car seat (still a lot of screaming about the car seat) and went to Target. Once I got him out of his seat and into the sling, he was A Happy Baby. He looked around at all the stuff and then fell asleep and I was able to actually be out and about, alone, with the baby, for a reason other than a doctor’s appointment, for the first time!

And today is 8 weeks since he was born 🙂


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  1. Sharon Sue
    Nov 21, 2007 @ 18:17:07

    Yayy for 8th week birthday, Miles. Happy boiday!! And also happy no more sceaming day!!


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