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paralyzingly dull, boring and tedious

you appeal to the homicidal side of my personality


Dr. Who?

Tom Baker + Douglas Adams = brilliant Dr. Who episodes

Poo Fighters

For those of you who care, which may be no one, I caught our first poop this morning when I was nursing Miles. I just got tired of having to change his outfit so often due to his exploding diapers.  So the ECing has begun.  But poos are the easy part; there isn’t really any strong clue for the pees.  We’ll have to do some naked baby time to figure that one out, but since our house tends to, shall we say, run on the chilly side, I hate to have him naked.  Perhaps we’ll do naked baby time up in his room with the heater on and his leg warmers on his chubby chunk legs (even tho Troy has his doubts about leg warmers on his son. Shhh, we won’t tell Troy).

Christmas, anyone?

Christmas this year was more like Chauffer the Baby Around to the Various Relatives.  But he really raked in the gifts.  😛  There must be an inverse relationship between size and amount of gifts people give.

We started out with a bang on Friday night. Miles was awake before we left and then in the car…from 5 until about 10:30 with a half hour nap in the middle. Most of the time he was crying and/or screaming and wondering why we wouldn’t take him out of his car seat. Plus, there was lots of fun fog on the road in IN.  What a great trip!

The next trip was a little better and a little better than that for the next one, so perhaps he started getting used to it. I’m going to take him out everyday for the next little while till he gets completely used to being in the car.

His MRI went better than expected, for which I fervently thank the Lord. I thought we would have some pretty major melt-downs because of Miles’s hunger but he did very well over all.  He recovered from the sedative nicely. There was some concern regarding his blood pressure being high before we left the hospital so we will have to follow up with the peds on that.  I have never heard about babies having high blood pressure. Certainly we hope he does not.  We should hear about the MRI test results in a week or so.

The MRI machine made various Very Loud Noises at Very High Decibels but none of them really resembled ‘ping’.  The room was very sterile, with some attempts made to ligten the atmosphere with a brightly colored border way up at the ceiling level and some Dora the Explorer stickers stuck all over.  The attempt was not successful as the sterility was of a most strenuous sort but as it was mostly for parents anyway, the patients themselves being asleep, I suppose it didn’t matter.

Baby Miles

has his MRI the day after Christmas. It’s scheduled for 730 and we have to be there at 700 a.m. and his last feeding has to be BEFORE 3 a.m.  Now, his usual schedule the past week or so has been a feeding around 1030 or 11 and then a little something at 5 a.m.  Guess who is really NOT going to understand why mommy won’t feed him?  And guess who is really going to be a tearful mess (hint: besides Miles)?  He IS allowed to have clear liquids like pedialyte up until 5 but I have my reservations about him actually being very keen on that. Maybe he’ll be so tired he won’t notice what we’re trying to put down him.

I HATE that we have to do this. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

I wish we lived in a shiny happy land of rainbows and unicorns where babies didn’t suffer from hypoxia and need cooling treatments and where MRIs where unnecessary and there were no diseases so babies wouldn’t have to have mean old four-at-a-time vaccines in their itty bitty widdle wegs.

I guess that will be Heaven. (question: How can there be Heaven without babies?  I mean, babies that don’t cry, of course…)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Chistmas to the three of you that read this! Have a safe holiday weekend 🙂


So. It’s Christmas.  Somehow that has, in the past few years, come to mean ‘baking’ for me.  Why is this? It is a mystery. But I have been baking things since last weekend.  Hm.  It also means I have been ‘taste testing’ for the past week as well. Hm.

Also, I think I am becoming a Scrooge or a curmudgeon or something.  I never want gifts anymore. In fact, I feel nervous about the idea of getting gifts. I don’t know why. Everyone always says ‘oh, I don’t want anything for Christmas’ but we never take them at their word. We always do get something.  Because it’s Christmas and it is our cultural tradition and that’s ok because every culture has gift-giving holidays.  And I guess in the end it is fun to have things to open but there is nothing really that I need (except a nice 8 hours of sleep) and anything that I want, I just buy (hi! I must be rich!). 

I guess the thought of all the poverty and need in the world makes me feel guilty for receiving things when a nice donation would be far better.  Because what’s the holiday season without a little guilt?  Since my family is relatively functional and generally nice and non-guilt inducing, I guess I have to look for it elsewhere. And I know it sounds disgustingly altruistic and saintly and annoying but there it is.  I am also sure that next year, with a little guy for whom it will all be new and exciting, gift-giving will be A LOT of fun.

So for this year what I want is to drink eggnog (the real stuff, with the rum. and the brandy. and whatever else you have on hand because, really, all i can have is one glass so it might as well be a GOOD glass) and have everyone else take turns holding the little guy (I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to pawn him off on a whole lot of people this weekend^^ hee!)

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