As I’m sure you know…

The Calvalcade of Bad Nativities is back.

 Also, you probably DIDN’T know that I got FIVE (count them, five, one, two, three, four, five…ah, ah, ah, ah ) hours of sleep last night thanks to Miles’ and my outing to Richmond IN to meet up with my mom and step-dad.  We spent the late morning and early afternoon with them and didn’t get home till 5:30. Poor little guy was WIPED OUT but that was OK with me.  Guess I know what to do next time I want a decent amount of sleep!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ~m
    Dec 07, 2007 @ 13:05:57

    Err, ok the picture of The Count looks like he’s giving you the finger.
    Well. Maybe he is.


  2. The Mom
    Dec 07, 2007 @ 15:08:07

    I will be happy to enhance Miles’ sleep pattern ANYtime. Just let me know!


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