Not sure its a good idea

This picture released in June 2006 by the North Korean news ...










Let me me first just say that this guy is so smarmy looking. He’s one of those old adashis that you see at the local galbi joint who bullies all his sycophantic friends and gropes the waitresses.

Anywho, this article details KJI’s tepid response to Bush’s letter.  I think that the letter was a mistake, given KJI’s lack of interest; it makes KJI feel like he has the upper hand now, that Bush has come groveling toward him for the sake or the appearance of peace and that totally strokes KJI’s ego.  He is so loving that Bush has ‘acknowledged’ him as an equal and his brush-off shows that he was just waiting for the chance to snub the leader of last remaining super-duper power in particular and the ‘free world’ in general.

NOt sure that a person-to-person letter was a great move. Administration to administration may have been better. But!  At least Bush is trying, in his own bumbling and ineffectual way. Too little, too late and not the right thing anyway but at least, I guess, it is something….


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  1. ~m
    Dec 16, 2007 @ 14:38:40

    I take it back. He wouldn’t grope the waitresses because he would not stoop to recognize them as human beings but rather as things there to serve him


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