Miles: 100 points; Mommy: 0

Little dude wiped me out today. One of those I-don’t-think-I-can-do-this days.  One of those ‘I used to have a job. A fun job. That I made money at. And that I could finish at the end of the day and go out shopping. Or out to dinner with my husband’. 

He didn’t want to eat!  First time ever. Mommy’s thinking: oh, no, what’s wrong!??  Is it a nursing strike? What if he gets dehydrated? What should I do? What should I do?  Call the breastfeeding clinic! Call the pediatrician (neither of whom were helpful.  Breastfeeding clinic woman: oh, try to nurse him more frequently…Hi!  what part of, ‘he won’t eat’ do you not understand? Pediatrician: oh, you are drinking soy?  I am sure that is giving him gas. You should cut that out.  Hi!  I’ve been drinking soy milk for weeks and weeks and this is the first time he’s acted like this!  WHY CAN’T ANYONE GIVE ME ANSWERS!!!???)

Apparently he just wasn’t very hungry today but that was a first. He was otherwise happy and playful or would have been had not Mommy been hovering over him, worried, making him snort saline drops because, oh, he sounds congested and maybe he can’t breathe when he’s nursing (and he loooooves the saline drops, oh yes. loves them.) or trying to get him to eat every 15 minutes.

Mommy: Miles, just try. You have to eat!

Miles: Wah! No want!

And then he wouldn’t go to sleep either and Mommy was just sure he needed to so Baby was crying and Mommy was crying and the cats were probably crying, too, either because they wanted out of somewhere or wanted in to somewhere.

So. How was YOUR day, dear?


Update:   Apparently this is  a completely normal occurrence in breastfeeding babies at around 3 months.  They are much faster and more efficient at transferring breastmilk and so it suddenly takes them less long to feed, leaving mama feeling scared, worried, and rolling about on the floor in tears upset.


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