So. It’s Christmas.  Somehow that has, in the past few years, come to mean ‘baking’ for me.  Why is this? It is a mystery. But I have been baking things since last weekend.  Hm.  It also means I have been ‘taste testing’ for the past week as well. Hm.

Also, I think I am becoming a Scrooge or a curmudgeon or something.  I never want gifts anymore. In fact, I feel nervous about the idea of getting gifts. I don’t know why. Everyone always says ‘oh, I don’t want anything for Christmas’ but we never take them at their word. We always do get something.  Because it’s Christmas and it is our cultural tradition and that’s ok because every culture has gift-giving holidays.  And I guess in the end it is fun to have things to open but there is nothing really that I need (except a nice 8 hours of sleep) and anything that I want, I just buy (hi! I must be rich!). 

I guess the thought of all the poverty and need in the world makes me feel guilty for receiving things when a nice donation would be far better.  Because what’s the holiday season without a little guilt?  Since my family is relatively functional and generally nice and non-guilt inducing, I guess I have to look for it elsewhere. And I know it sounds disgustingly altruistic and saintly and annoying but there it is.  I am also sure that next year, with a little guy for whom it will all be new and exciting, gift-giving will be A LOT of fun.

So for this year what I want is to drink eggnog (the real stuff, with the rum. and the brandy. and whatever else you have on hand because, really, all i can have is one glass so it might as well be a GOOD glass) and have everyone else take turns holding the little guy (I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to pawn him off on a whole lot of people this weekend^^ hee!)


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  1. Lisa
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 06:16:13

    I read this yesterday and was trying to think of a way to reply without also sounding “disgustingly altruistic and saintly”, but couldn’t think of one.

    I’m with you on everything but the eggnog–a good holiday-themed martini for me!

    It is fun to get things for Emma and watch her excitement as she opens gifts, I will admit. We really try to keep it small–Santa only fills stockings at our house and toy gifts are kept to a minimum (from Mom and Dad, anyway).

    Todd and I tend to get each other things that we know we want but just never get around to buying other times of the year.

    We focus a lot on giving, and do gifts from the different trees around town. The most fun I had was buying gifts for a mom at our local domestic violence shelter. I got to wrap them up all pretty and I made a huge ribbon bow for the top of the stack.

    And this year, for those people who really do have everything they need and don’t want more little gift things laying around, we did donations in their name according to important things in their life (like Todd’s Grandmother makes blankets for a homeless shelter in Chicago, so we donated blankets through World Vision, etc.).

    I guess my answer is that, if you try hard, you can turn down, if not completely off, the materialism of the holiday without other people calling you a Scrooge…although our decision to not use electric lights anywhere on the house would get me that name from my cousin (she called people in her neighborhood without lights Scrooges in a blog post a while back). For us, it’s a financial as well as environmental decision.

    Okay–enough of me saying how great I am!


  2. The Mom
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 08:50:02

    Im’ not altruistic – I’m just plain lazy. I’m going to make you choose your own charity this year:)

    Oh, and, you bake ’cause that’s what I always did. Feel free to “cut the apron strings” (literally) at any time!


  3. ~m
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 13:51:25

    Lisa, I am with you 100%. But here’s the question: I am totally comfortable with asking for donations (I love World Vision because they have so many unique categories that you can tailor to fit the people you are donating for) and I know some people well enough to know that they will appreciate a donation as a gift, but then there are the people for whom donations are not on their radar yet. You tell them you made a donation for them and they are like: oh. well, thanks, i guess. !! Anyway, it’s a balance and I am going to start campaigning for donations and/or second hand/thrift store gifting! 🙂
    By the way, you ARE great, no need argue that^^

    Mom, am I turning into you??? That’s OK; there couldn’t be a better person to turn into 🙂 awwww.


  4. ~m
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 14:21:26

    Also, Lisa, that’s a great idea about buying and wrapping gifts for the various trees and must be a great opportunity with your daughter, too, to really get an understanding of the season!


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