Christmas, anyone?

Christmas this year was more like Chauffer the Baby Around to the Various Relatives.  But he really raked in the gifts.  😛  There must be an inverse relationship between size and amount of gifts people give.

We started out with a bang on Friday night. Miles was awake before we left and then in the car…from 5 until about 10:30 with a half hour nap in the middle. Most of the time he was crying and/or screaming and wondering why we wouldn’t take him out of his car seat. Plus, there was lots of fun fog on the road in IN.  What a great trip!

The next trip was a little better and a little better than that for the next one, so perhaps he started getting used to it. I’m going to take him out everyday for the next little while till he gets completely used to being in the car.

His MRI went better than expected, for which I fervently thank the Lord. I thought we would have some pretty major melt-downs because of Miles’s hunger but he did very well over all.  He recovered from the sedative nicely. There was some concern regarding his blood pressure being high before we left the hospital so we will have to follow up with the peds on that.  I have never heard about babies having high blood pressure. Certainly we hope he does not.  We should hear about the MRI test results in a week or so.

The MRI machine made various Very Loud Noises at Very High Decibels but none of them really resembled ‘ping’.  The room was very sterile, with some attempts made to ligten the atmosphere with a brightly colored border way up at the ceiling level and some Dora the Explorer stickers stuck all over.  The attempt was not successful as the sterility was of a most strenuous sort but as it was mostly for parents anyway, the patients themselves being asleep, I suppose it didn’t matter.


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  1. nikkip
    Dec 27, 2007 @ 15:35:41

    i was thinking of you guys so much the past few days. it seems pretty smart to take him out every day to get him used to the car! glad the mri went well, too.


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