Piss-poor Post Office

So whilst Miles was taking his morning nap, I ran to the post office to post a couple things (don’t worry, Troy was home).  What should have taken me 15 mintues took twice as long thanks to the inefficiency of the USPS.

I had to buy a flat rate envelope for one of my parcels but they didn’t have any sitting out. So I waited in line to ask for one. Then the clerk (of course there was only one) told me to go over to the other counter to fill it out and she would take care of everything all at once after.  What?! It took me about 45 seconds to get the flat rate envelope together and meanwhile several other patrons got in line behind the people who had been in line behind ME.  I was so angry.

Then another clerk came out but he sent the first clerk on her 15 minute break and meanwhile the women at the counter were acting like, despite their 50 years of age, they had never, ever posted a package before and had all KINDS of detailed questions about delivery confirmation and reassurances that in fact their package didn’t contain anything hazardous.  I swear, WHY are these kinds of women allowed out of the house?  They are the kinds that write checks at the grocery store and who flutter and flit and are completely useless. 

Then when I FINALLY got up to post my stuff, the clerk tells me that he’s ‘not supposed’ to post the flat rate envelope since it was lumpy but I could try to post it anyway but it might come back. JUST MAIL THE STUPID THING ALREADY! I felt like yelling.  But the guy who was two people behind me had already vociferously complained about the wait and the guy that had been in front of him had already left so I just bit back all I would have like to have said, including asking why they don’t have their mailing supplies sitting out so that customers can get everything ready without waiting in line TWICE.

And of course the clerks always complain about how grumpy the USPS patrons are. Well, when they pull stupid stuff like that, it is no wonder.


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