Infantile amusements

The past few days Miles has seemed more high maintenance than usual–can’t play with his toys as long as usual, wants to be in the carrier but doesn’t want to help me work or clean or get dinner, just wants me to walk around with him. He is back to hating his swing because he can’t get the little baubles that go around on the bar afixed to the tray into his mouth. I would like to attribute all this to a forthcoming developmental leap but maybe he’s just being high maintenance.

So today’s distraction techniques included:

1) Horsey rides

2) Feeding the baby some yummy water with the baby spoon

3) watching the Berlin Philharmonic perform a segment from the 1812 Overture on YouTube

4) watching this version of the William Tell Overture (take a minute to click it; you won’t be disappointed. sorry i didn’t embed it)

5) Dancing to many, MANY children’s songs on the kid song CD we have. (I know; “CDs”. Our kid is going to be so retro)

However much I am getting paid to do this, it isn’t enough.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Mom
    Feb 13, 2008 @ 12:19:34

    Next time, slip a little wine into that “yummy water”…:)


  2. ~m
    Feb 13, 2008 @ 13:04:46

    You are NOT LYING!


  3. Sharon Sue
    Feb 15, 2008 @ 22:29:19

    Oh…just watched the William Tell Overture…stitches between gums and inner lips hurting from trying to keep laughing under control, numb upper jaw not knowing how to deal with what in a normal mouth would be peals of laughter. Just priceless, and potentially surgery wrecking.


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