Yet again

I’m getting sick of these posts and the fact that I know I missed several–SEVERAL–is even more sickening.  Just because it is not YOUR kid that gets his brains blown onto the back of the chair behind him, it doesn’t matter?  Let’s not interfere with our right to bear arms even though innocents continue to get slaughtered at they pursue higher knowledge, I need to have the right to go kill my wild turkey every year, dammit.


And having my own child makes it that much more frightening. Am I the only parent that feels like this?  Those people that died, not too many years ago they were someone’s baby with soft, silky skin and downy hair and excited happy squeals. Not too many years ago, they were kicking their chubby little legs and waving their dimpled little arms and laughing and cooing at their moms and dads. And now they are on a mortuary slab with a bullet lodged in their helpless empty shell.

It’s a voting year. Wake up, America.  Make a damn change already.

 p.s. For the record, I am not actually in favor of more gun control.  I am in favor of a severe gun restriction, or (hey, let’s get wild) ban. Like they have in CIVILIZED places in the world.


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  1. Frank
    Oct 15, 2009 @ 14:05:21

    Well, where to begin.
    Lets say your in a store, someone with a gun ” a bad guy” starts shooting, well, an avid hunter with lots of commonsense and gun training just happened to get his concealed permit the day before, so he totes his pistol for his own safety and protection. well he thinks fast and in seconds he has shot the “bad guy” and saved the lives of a dozen people. What a hero!!! Amen! Thank you Jesus!
    Well lets just say the laws were different. There was no self defense concealed permit, and we could no longer use a gun to defend ourselves. Although the “bad guy” has connections on the street and was still easily able to find a gun, with no backround check, no wait period, no safety classes, which to get a concealed permit you have to pass not just your basic safety test. This guy didn’t. There will always be a black market, just like there will always be bad guys, but take away good people on the streets ready to protect themselves, children and others, well more bad guys will carry guns, being there will be average joe walking around with his pistol on his side.
    I will never understand how people think changing a gun law will keep guns out of the bad guys hands? like buying pot, or other drugs, not legal , yet easily bought on the streets. Where is peoples common sense, Take off the blinders, please.


    • ~m
      Oct 15, 2009 @ 18:07:07

      Well, Frank, thank you for your thoughts. I’m not exactly sure, from your scenarios, whether you are being for or against gun control but here are some of my thoughts on what you have written.

      Presumably these good people who take their concealed weapons into the mini-mart are the same ones who will blow away the ones who are already blowing away our children. I wonder where they were in all the cases so far. I would be more than interested in the news reports of those vigilantes who prevented the slaughter of schoolchildren. As it is, I am merely passing along information.

      I wonder, though, just as an aside, how it would be better to have our classrooms and our mini-marts turned into armed “shoot-’em-up” / Wild West stand-off zones.

      Frank, you may or may not be surprised to know that I myself grew up surrounded by firearms. The men on both sides of my family were and continue to be avid hunters and I myself was taught the use of a rifle for target shooting before my teenage years. It was only when I had the chance to live in and travel to other countries and societies that managed to support a peaceable society free of firearms that I realized how very odd America’s gun culture really is.

      I have heard your (presumed) argument before in defense of being allowed to pursue civilian justice.

      No, I personally do not think guns will just “go away” if gun ownership rights are limited or revoked.

      However, I do believe it is a step in the right direction (which would be to eradicate or severely limit this pernicious pest) to actually limit the right to own such unnecessary items as, say, semi-or fully-automatic assault weapons. What individual actually NEEDS that kind of weapon and wouldn’t it be better to say no one can have them in order to eventually get them out of the hands of criminals?

      To me, this argument is one that seeks to maintain the status quo out of fear, that rejects the possibility of individual responsibility for the problem and that places the convenience or interests of the individual over the corporate good of the society as a whole.

      The U.S. is the only “civilized” (and I use that term loosely in that context) country in the world with the kinds of gun ownership rights we “enjoy” and it is also the highest in terms of gun victims in the “civilized” world.

      When I walked around the streets of major metropolitan areas in Korea by myself alone at night, a lone female, I was not concerned that I did not have an automatic weapon in my purse with which to “protect” myself. I did not need it because, while the “bad guys” may have had guns, there were very few to go around and your average petty-assed thug did not have access to them. I would not feel that safe walking around certain parts of US cities IN THE DAYTIME because of the risk of having a gun pulled on me.

      And while there may always be a black market even if gun ownership were severely restricted, eventually the resources for them would dwindle over time.

      I am curious to know, Frank, how many times you yourself (if you are, presumably, a gun owner) have needed to “defend” yourself by smattering the brains of “the bad guy” all over the convenience store wall?

      Along with that, I really do not understand this idea that we must “defend” ourselves at all. Do we live in the Wild, Wild West? This kind of cops and robbers scenario in which the cops = civilians and the gun-toting evil villians lurk around the corner at every step only perpetuates the hysteria and is itself perpetuated by a violence-loving media, lapped up at every turn by the average American viewer through the news, at the movies and in TV shows like “Cops”, “CSI” and “24” (although, not being a TV viewer myself, I can only guess at the contect of these types of shows).

      Maybe gun owners need to confront their own feelings of stranger-fear, take a few classes on how to resolve issues without the use of violence (or, if that is too much wishful thinking, pursue the self-defense offered through martial arts, which includes the rapid disarming of miscreants with firearms and other weapons as it turns your own body into en effective weapon, one that you are indeed never without and one that needs no concealing, except of course, for clothing) and take off their own blinders to the fact that the current level of gun ownership rights in our country do more to hurt than help our culture.

      No, Frank, don’t worry. I myself am enough of a realist to know that America’s violence frenzy, fueled as it is by TV and movies, well-protects it’s enthrallment to guns and the gun culture and that saddening though it may be to me and, it seems, very few others, innocent men, women and children will continue to be caught in the crossfire and will continue to be the sacrificial lamb to this blood-thirsty and insidious god.


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