It’s the Principal of the thing

I remember having a conversation last year with my mom about how I was of the opinion that people overspent on their children and that I would not be that way. And while I am still of the opinion that, for example, no child of mine really needs clothing bought from anywhere other than the consignment shop or Goodwill until he/she is AT LEAST 16, I have to admit to today’s following expenditures for my young offspring:

$15 for a bottle of chemical-free lotion

$9 for a tube of all-natural, chemical-free sunblock

Yes. It’s absurd.  I would never pay those prices for MYSELF.

So how is it that a 2 foot tall ,17 lb bow-legged weakling who drools, sucks his thumb and wears rubber pants can cause me to shamelessly abandon all the principals that once defined me and the parsimonious lifestyle that I hold so dear?


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