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Since I haven’t posted any proofing gems in awhile, I thought I would take the time to do so:

“Any luck for employment? Tarot cards can offer you valuable insights and information 

Let’s be prepared against employment, ladies!”

 To process it when something wrong electric currents are appraised by arc electric currents as generating the signal panegyric sending of goods crab became. 

Jeju wants all of you.

 Nam must be the espionage fairy from a reign of mystic languages 

soaring up to a culture space of lifeIt will be a nest just near you.

Haan Library in Gwangmyeong City dreaming of new jump~~It will soar up into the most advanced library in the world by putting together your dream and future.  

Flowing around for thousands of years The Water of Life, embraces the blessed land –  

Along with the nature-like people. The rhyme of page turning is pleasant as sound of reeds rusting in the wind. A haven embracing the soil of life and glaring hopes –



A momentous day in which Miles is given solids for the first time.



So the rice cereal didn’t go over all that well. After tasting it, I understood why.  (My heartfelt apologies to Sharon, whom I teased about having to eat it after her jaw surgery.)

The mashed banana in the afternoon went over distinctly better.

Six Months!

Congratulations to Baby Miles on his 6 month birthday 🙂

From this:

 To this:

LOL (?) Diet plan

Wearing the Baby

Miles pretty much spends most of his waking moments on the MommyTaxi these days. He’s between the stage of having conquered all his toys and wanting to do more, but, like the Death Star, he is not “fully operational” yet and can’t seek and destroy on his own.  His tractor beam seems to work very well, however, as he has completely sucked me into allowing him to be attached.

But wearing him always gets comments. A lot of people will talk to him directly, which often wins them a big smile. Some people tell me they’d be scared to wear him in the carrier because they’d be afraid he’d fall out. Often people tell me that it looks convenient and ask if it is comfortable.  And many times it is a conversation starter.

Today’s conversation was with the elderly man sitting on his own in a booth at the restaurant with a piece of apple pie and a mug of coffee in front of him. I had wandered over to the salad bar with my lunch friend, more to give Miles something new to look at.  The elderly man had finished his lunch and hadn’t started on the apple pie yet. He waved us over and he began talking with Miles and telling him how big he is and so on. And maybe he’d be a Bengals player when he grew up and was his daddy big?  Well, no, his daddy wasn’t all that big but his granddad was. Oh, well, he (the gentleman) wasn’t a big guy either but he had two sons and they lived in X and Y and his daughter-in-law did A for awhile before she did B and now she does C and his granddaughter is doing D.  And his wife died from Alzheimer’s in ’02 after 6 years. And so on.

People need human contact, that’s certainly something that I have come to appreciate more keenly through the past 6 months.  Everyone has a story, however simple it may seem on the surface, and everyone likes to talk about their story. It’s an affirmation of existence. So if my small boy can give people a chance to open up and talk, well, I guess that’s ok.

We’re all in this together.

Neat New Nightwaking

So, he’s still waking up around 2 for his night feed but now he’ll usually sleep through the 5 a.m. think-I-have-to-wake-up thing. Instead, when he gets up at 2, he just stays up and hangs out for awhile. ‘Hey, why not?’, his little brain says.  ‘There’s food, there’s a mom and sometimes there’s even a dad.  What more could you really want?  Let’s just hang out for an hour and a half, just us.  I mean, what else are you guys going to do? Sleep? Ha!  Too boring!’

Little guy’s going to be 6 mos old tomorrow. I can’t believe it!

What he said

I don’t have as much time to think now. With Miles, I actually live instead of thinking about living.

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