…started out not so great. I’m sometimes taken off guard when Miles gets up earlier than I think he should and get frustrated when he doesn’t go back to sleep the way that I would like him to and the way that I would like to myself.  So today was one of those days.  Usually I’m ok with it but sometimes, like today, it gets to me.  And then later I feel bad because he’s as happy as a clam to be awake and I’m grumpy or, well, worse than grumpy.  But he doesn’t really seem to complain.

Anyway.  But I went to the La Leche League meeting and the topic was, funnily enough, sleep.  And I found out that really I don’t have it all that bad. Some of the women were still dealing with babies who woke up every 2 hours to nurse at night…as well as husband who don’t want/don’t know how to pitch in in the wee smalls.  Fortunately, I don’t deal with either of those problems.

 But sometimes it is hard to keep perspective when it is early in the morning. And, frankly, whoever it was that told Miles about the time change, I am not at all happy with them.


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