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If you are interested, and have about a billion hours, you can read the story of our time in the NICU on the new page I just posted called For Miles: A story.

And speaking of Miles, which is pretty much all I ever do now, it seems–but then, he is much cuter than I am, so I guess he deserves more talk–I have figured out what is going on with his lacking of sleeping-in-ness.

You see, I started this new thing where I help him sleep for longer periods during the day.  I go up at about 30 or 40 minutes after he has started his nap and pat his bum for 20 or 30 minutes to get him through his waking cycle. Well, apparently, Miles only has a set amount of sleep time wired into him and it seems to be about 14 – 14.5 hours. So, if he is getting 4+ hours during the day, he takes that away from the amount he needs to sleep at night.

What to do?  He now gets up at 6 (which would be 5 if the time hadn’t changed) plus an earlier night feeding…last night was 130 a.m. (about 6 hours after his night-night feed) where before he was going about 9 or 10 hours before needing a night feed–so I’m thinking he is in a growth spurt.  So I guess I can try not letting him sleep so much during the day. On the other hand, when it is actually LIGHT out at 6 am I probably won’t mind being up (and getting out into the garden).  Plus, if he gets through his growth spurt and starts sleeping 10 hours without waking…that would mean, that would mean…wait for it… A WHOLE NIGHT OF UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP FOR ME.  *GASP*  And THAT would be worth any number of getting up at 6 a.m. mornings. (which I know isn’t that early and most normal people get up around then but I am DISTINCTLY not a morning person and it is VERY HARD for me to get up at 6 a.m. and be nice about it and there is only ONE person for whom I would do that. not even Troy.  as he knows. having had to deal with my cranky early-morning ass for almost 12 years now. poor him.)

So I will keep you posted. Since I am SURE this is absolutely of dire interest to you.


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  1. Sharon Sue
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 10:52:14

    I just read the page for Miles, and I am now crying, (not that I hadn’t already cried on your behalf while all that was happening and then cried in relief when I knew it was over and Miles was safe at home). Miles, I am so glad you are here and healthy and yes, even if that means depriving your mama of sleep. I can’t wait to get to hold you the first time either.


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