Sleeping like a baby

So since the time change, Miles has been waking around 1:30 for a feed and then getting up around 6 a.m. or so, after threatening to get up at 5 or so, which requires immediate evasive action on the part of the parental unit on duty (usually me. not that Troy doesn’t offer but I am not usually required to activate a high level of number-related thinking everyday PLUS study for a bone-crushingly boring test like the CPA exam). ANYWAY. BEFORE the time change, he wasn’t waking until 3 or even up to 4:30 and would sleep till 7 or 7:30. What gives?

So last night I decided that I would start to help him change his 1:30 wake-up habit. Therefore, when I awoke around 1, I stayed awake until I heard him start to scrabble around and then patted his rear for the next 1/2 hour or so. Got back into bed at 2:07.  Shortly after that, he started moving around again so I got back up and patted his rear until 2:45. By then I figured the next time he woke up, he really would be hungry so…at 3, when he started fussing, I got up, changed him and had a feed, which went till 3:30.

Then we got up at 6:30.

And probably he will still wake up at 1:30 tonight, in which case I will need to decide whether I want to try that whole deal again or if I just want to give in and hope he’ll figure out how to sleep longer on his own again.  Probably I’ll just let him try to figure it out on his own.


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