For your amusement purposes

Since I haven’t posted any proofing gems in awhile, I thought I would take the time to do so:

“Any luck for employment? Tarot cards can offer you valuable insights and information 

Let’s be prepared against employment, ladies!”

 To process it when something wrong electric currents are appraised by arc electric currents as generating the signal panegyric sending of goods crab became. 

Jeju wants all of you.

 Nam must be the espionage fairy from a reign of mystic languages 

soaring up to a culture space of lifeIt will be a nest just near you.

Haan Library in Gwangmyeong City dreaming of new jump~~It will soar up into the most advanced library in the world by putting together your dream and future.  

Flowing around for thousands of years The Water of Life, embraces the blessed land –  

Along with the nature-like people. The rhyme of page turning is pleasant as sound of reeds rusting in the wind. A haven embracing the soil of life and glaring hopes –


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  1. bejewell
    May 17, 2008 @ 22:11:33

    I don’t guess I remembered that you were an editor… these are hilarious! I edit boring technical documents but would much rather have your gig. I never come across anything so entertaining!


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