NPR drops the ball on breastfeeding

A recent newscast by NPR discussed the possibility that breastfeeding is no more effective than formula feeding.  The doctor discussed a study that found ‘no significant benefits’ in breastfeeding vs. formula regarding ‘mental health.’


As someone who had to face the possibility that I might not have been able to breastfeed my son, I had to come to terms with the fact that there are many, many facets of mothering and many, many ways to nurture my child, that as much as I wanted to breastfeed, that was only one part of being his mom.  That said, I am glad that I have been able to breastfeed and very glad my efforts paid off in the end.

I very much question the longitudinal aspects of this study.  If they are only talking about ‘mental health’, of COURSE women who formula feed their babies are going to be just as nurturing and loving to their children. But I really don’t see how formula can be equated nutritionally with breastmilk, given the fact that the composition changes as needed by baby.  Not that breastmilk = perfect health and formula = poor health. Of course not. But I do believe, from all the reading that I have done, that breastmilk does offer some very clear advantages over formula.

As someone who suffered through a lot of pain both physically and mentally in my pursuit of breastfeeding, I can understand moms who give it their best shot but can’t succeed and I will never look down on anyone after my experience (and even though many moms don’t ever attempt breastfeeding, that’s not my business). HOWEVER, I think NPR really dropped the ball on this one especially considering all the well-documented evidence from a variety of reputable bodies that breastfeeding IS best, if it can be done.

And that’s my 2 cents.


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