Life without the Internet?

Did you read this article about 10 Ways the Internet could die?  I thought it was really interesting. In the 10 to 15 years that I’ve been using the Internet, it has certainly shaped how I go about my daily life (including allowing me to be employed from home).  It has come to play a huge part of my life, especially following the time we lived abroad, as it allowed us to stay connected.

but would going back to a lifestyle without the Internet really break us?  Probably it would do a lot of economic damage and systems would be shaken and there would be a lot of scrambling and chaos and lost jobs. But sometimes I do yearn for the time before the Internet took over our lives, allowing us to be even busier than before. 

Even though it would be a serious blow, and would take us all in a different direction, maybe it would turn out to not be a bad thing, in the end.


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