Sleeping with the baby

When I think of co-sleeping, I mostly think of sharing the bed with the baby but there are other ways of co-sleeping, such as having baby in a co-sleeper or having baby in his crib in your room. Troy and I have always co-slept with Miles up to now.  It has taken various forms such as having him in our room in a little ‘snuggle bed’ next to my side of the bed (that didn’t last long), having him sleep on one or the other of us (he wouldn’t settle otherwise), sleeping in the bed in his room with him in his snuggle bed in the bed and, finally, sleeping in the bed in his room with him in his crib.

Lately I’ve moved back into sleeping in his room with him in the bed with me for the last couple hours of the night. This started when he was going through the i’m-up-so-let’s-party-or-at-least-you-can-just-walk-around-with-me phase a week or so ago. By keeping in the bed, i hoped he would fall asleep and not notice that he wasn’t being walked around. And, mostly, I’m lazy…it’s easier for me to pat him back to sleep for an extra few minutes–6:45 seems much better than 6:15 or 6:30, for some reason–if he’s right next to me.  Since I’ve been consistently keeping him with me, he seems to have stopped the Up At Night nonsense, knock on wood (please don’t jinx me, Post!).  Perhaps it was some sort of separation anxiety; perhaps he just got himself sorted out and would be fine if I put him back in the crib again…

The bed is a single bed; he tends to push me out of it. Every time I move, he edges close to me again and soon I’m right at the edge of the bed and I have to move him over again (hopefully without waking him).

Right now this is how he (and I) sleep best. Someday we’ll wean away from each other. But frankly, there aren’t too many years to be warm and cozy (did I ever mention I’m all about warm and cozy?), so I’ll take my cuddles where I can get them.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Mom
    Apr 10, 2008 @ 12:49:46

    Be very glad he doesn’t sleep sideways and KICK YOU all night long, as one of my children did!


  2. ~m
    Apr 10, 2008 @ 12:59:39

    uh, was that…Brandon? 🙂


  3. The Mom
    Apr 11, 2008 @ 11:01:44

    I’ll never tell:)


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