Half empty or half full?

I find myself viewing Miles as a fussy baby who is only content when he is being walked around in the carrier.  Everyone who meets him says ‘oh, he’s such a happy baby!’ because he smiles and laughs a lot when people talk to him.  My reactive feeling is, no, he’s not because I have to wear him all the time or else he fusses and cries because he’s bored and doesn’t want to play with toys or play by himself.

But. I was thinking about this and maybe I’m doing him a disservice. Maybe I should look at it as, he IS a happy baby because he gets to be held and walked around by his mama all day and gets to view the world from up high and that makes him laugh and smile all day long.  And maybe when he ISN”T being worn by mama he feels wrong and that’s why he fusses, because he wants to feel right.  When I think of it from his perspective, I can understand. I wouldn’t want to be laid down on the floor and made to play by myself if I could be up and looking at the world.  Even when I put him in his bouncy chair now, it feels weird to me and I get down on eye level with him, instead of making him feel like we’re looking down at him.

I have to say that I am glad that I had already determined to wear the baby BEFORE he was born or might resent even more having to be a mommy taxi. I still resent it sometimes, especially when I’m tired or was in the middle of something that I can’t continue (like sitting down) when I’m wearing him. Twenty pounds of 6 month old gets to be a lot by the end of the day. But all in all, I guess it is a good thing. I hate fussying even more so it’s worth it to me to have him up and on and let him look around.

Is he manipulating me?  Or is he just trying to feel right?  Is the cup half empty or is it half full? I guess it depends on the perspective. And I think, to be fair to my little particular guy, I should try looking at the cup as being half full.


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  1. The Mom
    Apr 11, 2008 @ 11:07:42

    I think your cup is full and overflowing. But then, I’m not a granny taxi. (This, too, shall pass.)


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