Breastfeeding is not a Crime: Action post

Just a couple of months ago, a mother was kicked out of a museum in
New York for breastfeeding, a perfectly legal act in that state. [1]
Mothers continue to suffer discrimination and humiliation for
breastfeeding, even though doctors recommend breastfeeding for all
infants. Clearly we need Congress to pass the Breastfeeding Promotion
Act (H.R. 3799) now–before more mothers are stigmatized and
humiliated for breastfeeding.

But this Act is currently stalled in Congress, and isn’t going to move
forward without increased citizen pressure. You can supply that pressure.

http://www.momsrisi BreastfeedingAct

(And forward this email to friends now so they can take action too.
All of our voices are needed to get the Breastfeeding Promotion Act
moving forward).

MomsRising members have successfully raised awareness about the need
to protect the rights of breastfeeding mothers in the past and can do
it again. Last year, MomsRising members and other activists changed
Delta Airlines‘ corporate policies when a mother was kicked off a
flight for breastfeeding.

We can harness this same power to push through the Breastfeeding
Promotion Act, but we need your help contacting Congress. Let’s
support mothers who are nurturing and caring for the next generation
of Americans. Those nursing babies may not be able to vote, but their
mothers can!


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