Crazy Bag Lady

Um. So.  You know about my obsession interest in gardening and that awhile ago I started seeds to plant in said garden (which, by the way, I found out this week that the last day of frost is not till MAY 15 and THAT IS TOO LONG AWAY and anyway it’s been close to 80 all week so how is that even possible???).  After miserable failure in seed starting last year, this year I tried a new technique in which I started only about a half a dozen in the same container and then put the container into a gallon size ziploc bag and set it them on the window sills (of which I have many, fortunately).

NOw that the seedlings are big and getting ready to be put into the ground (Hi! May 15th!), I have taken them out of the baggies and put them into flats. But what to do with the baggies, which are damp and slightly soil-y from the dirt. Solution: the clothesline!  Yes!  Because I want to do this technique next year and because I will not throw away perfectly good baggies that I will USE next year, I hung them all on the laundry line to dry out so I can store them in my shed.

I know. I am an embarrasment to my neighbors (or would be, if any of my neighbors had any sense).  And I would pretty much suppose that I am probably the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD to hang gallon ziploc baggies on the laundry line.  And YOU KNOW ME!  How special is that? Very special, that’s how.


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