What a friend we have in…Cincinnati?

Our neighbors are early 40s occupational therapists with two young sons. Any time we have any interaction with them, they seem quite nice and normal and friendly.  But, that is about it.  They often have cookouts…in fact, they are having one tonight…but they have never invited us and they have never made any friendly overtures of any kinds apart from telling us how much nicer we are than the several owners who lived in this house before us.

Not that I think they should invite us to their parties but seeing them cooking out tonight with their friends and their friends’ kids, I just felt, well, left out and lonely and friendless.  Because we don’t konw anyone here.  We don’t have any friends.  There are a few people I have met whom I would like to call friend, but my relationships with them are just budding.

I know it’s our own fault. We don’t have a church. We’re not outgoing. We don’t ‘join’ things.  It hasn’t taken us this long to find a church before (I guess we are being too particular) and we don’t have anything like at graduate school where you meet lots of people who enjoy the same focus you do. 

We are both reserved people (I know this admission will shock you) and so it’s hard to just plunge right in and get to know people; we are hangers-back types.  And it’s hard right now with taking care of Miles and working and Troy working on his CPA. Our ventures out as a family are brief and pretty much occur around Miles’s naps but I know that Baby Miles just loves to see people and I feel like I need to provide that for him.  I’m trying to find Mom groups in the area but it is slow going.

I don’t know. Usually I don’t think much about how alone we are here but now with Miles…and just tonight, after interacting with some real live people today (ok, it was my midwife and Miles’s ped…but I happen to really LIKE both of them)…I’m feeling like we really do have to do something.

Something that, preferable, falls outside of Miles’s naptime!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nikkip
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 16:24:20

    you should try this place out if you haven’t already. it’s where linford and karen go–



  2. ~m
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 19:21:52

    Nikki, I actually checked out their website after I posted this…great minds think alike, eh? 🙂 We had met some people from there a few years ago at an art show…they seemed pretty cool so hopefully we can reconnect w/ them at some point.


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