is iced coffee time

Although…come to think of it, this looks awfully like a Kahlua and Cream….hmmmm….I think I’m drinking the wrong drink…


Not to beat a dead horse

but you’ve probably seen that the Myanmar gov’t is now forcing the refugees from the camps they had sought shelter in–even from churches–and sending them back–with nothing–back to their villages, which have nothing remaining there for them.

This is disgusting.  And heart-rending.

Friends of Burma

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


I know you have heard this story before but it bears highlighting.

This woman, her own little Smallson safe with Grandma and Grandpa but far from her nevertheless during this time of regrouping, is nursing orphaned babies and babies whose mamas’ milk dried up from the stress of the earthquake.



What a beautiful way to help. And its something that only she and other mamas like her could do.  At one point, she was nursing 9 babies (here’s that story from CNN).  Of course you do what you can do but that took a lot of energy on her part and I for one would like to shake her hand

Friends of Burma

When I had Real Live Grown-up Conversation last Friday, one of the people I talked with is a man who, along with his wife, is heavily involved with missions and outreach for Burma (Myanmar) and Burmese refugees who have relocated to Ft Wayne.

Interestingly, he told me that many of those affected by the cyclone in Burma were of Karen ethnicity (a majority of whom are Christian) and that aid from the government has been slow in coming to them because the Myanmar government would really like to see that particular minority be ‘phased out’, shall we say.  And what better way to rid oneself of an annoyance than by doing nothing and letting nature take its course, if by nature we mean dysenntary, malaria and starvation, along with all the other horrific ways of dying after a natural disaster.

This is truly disgusting.  A great deal of information regarding the genocide of minorities, in particular the Karen, can be found here.

Friends of Burma is a non-profit founded and operated by this man and his wife.  They already have many different routes established for channeling money into Burma, especially to the Karen, so if you are looking for an aid agency that can get money to one of the areas that needs it the most, you can check out their website

Because of this man’s influence and assistance, Fort Wayne, IN has a very large Burmese community and there are approximately 800 new refugees coming each year.  One of the current people this group is assisting is a woman named Ruku. Ruku had been living in a refugee camp with her husband and 8 children, 7 from a first husband and 1 from the second. The second declined to come to the U.S. and so she is living here now alone with her kids and the group just bought a house for this family.  And Troy and I and my brother and my soon-to-be-sister-in-law just bought them….a push mower 🙂

One of the women at our Conversation for Grown-ups Group expressed surprised that the husband hadn’t wanted to come to the U.S.  I was able to tell her first-hand how scary it is to go and live in a foreign country on your own without speaking or reading the language and how much others actually DO care for their own country EVEN THOUGH it’s not the U.S. and that those who come here have A GREAT DEAL OF COURAGE.  They are to be commended, not villified for trying to take destiny into their own hands, for leaving behind the known for the vast and scary unknown and uncertain in order to provide themselves and (more likely) their children with a better future or sometimes just A future.

Anyway, end of rant. Just thought you would like the heads up on the situation in Burma and a way to help.

Memorial Day weekend

I’ve got a bunch of things to say about last weekend and not much time to type them all!

Highlights included:

(At my mom’s)

Sleeping in whilst Mom took over Baby duties at 6 a.m. And on the nights that Troy stayed with Miles, I STILL got to sleep in so it was like a completely strange and new and wonderful sensation!

Going to a church meet-up group that my mom’s involved in and having real, live conversation with human adults on topics as varied as the DEPLORABLE evisceration of playgrounds (did you KNOW that SWINGS could be injurious weapons???  and therefore must be REMOVED??), city life vs. country life 45 years ago, and the state of the Karen people after the cyclone in Myanmar.

Going to Afternoon Tea at The Peony Tea Room with my mom.  Even though the tea tasted as if they had brewed a whole pot full in the morning and then just let it steep until customers came, we acted as blithe as if it had been freshly brewed just for us and enjoyed ourselves IMMENSELY (thank you, Troy)

Going to a Real Live movie with my husband after a Real Live dinner for Just The Two of Us (thank you, Mom)

Along with all this excitement, Miles turned 8 MONTHS OLD yesterday. He is practicing his Pre-Crawling Moves during the night now. It makes him cry.  Which in turn makes me cry.

Go, Miles, go!

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Troy’s taking a third section of the CPA exam tomorrow (Wednesday) from 12:30 to 4:30 so just send some good Financial Accounting and Reporting vibes his way if you think about it.

Locked out!

This afternoon I accidently got locked out of the house.  I was out in the garden while Miles was ‘napping’ (actually, it turned out to be a 1.5 hr nap instead of the 30 min ‘nap’ of the morning) and Troy, who took the day off to study for the Financial Accounting and Reporting section of his CPA exam tomorrow (think nice thoughts for him! think nice thoughts for him!), ran to grab some lunch.  I had the monitor with me and so when I heard Miles starting to wake up, I went to the door and went to open it and…it wouldn’t open.

It was locked!

Oh. my. word.  I cannot TELL you how I felt. Immediately I called Troy and told him ‘EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!’ or ‘the door is locked and Miles is waking up, can you come home’, one of the two.

And then I started freaking out. I think it was only five or six mintues by the clock till Troy got home but it seemed like FOREVER. And I was kicking the door and I was calling up to the bedroom ‘Miles! Miles’ as if he could even hear me over the din in his room, and meanwhile he’s getting more worked up.

The neighbor peeked over the fence and said ‘blahblahblah’ or maybe he said ‘are you locked out?’ and I think he offered to try to get a window open (they are all locked) and I remember that he also told me that that same thing had happened to him the other day and his daughter (who’s the same age as Miles) was freaking out by the time he got to her…I’m not sure how he did get to her…and I think I may have said something like ‘blahblah’ back to him but I was conflicted because Miles!  Crying!   I’m not there! and also because it’s only five minutes and I should be cool about it and not let my neighbor see that I am IN HYSTERICS and maybe even saying some bad words. Loudly.  I think the guy recognized that I wasn’t in the most chatty of moods because he disappeared. (Which I feel sorry about since he was just trying to be helpful.)

FORTUNATELY, at the very moment that I was trying to get a kitchen window open, in vain, of course, Troy came to a screeching halt in the drive and ran to open the door and we both ran up and made a Miles Sandwich.  And then I nursed Miles and he pooped in the potty  A LOT and everything was good.

(But I just don’t know how anyone can advise people to let their  babies cry it out (seriously?  one book I read said ‘if your baby naps for less than an hour, go ahead and let her cry for another hour to see if she’ll fall back asleep’. WHAT???).  Miles was only crying for 6 minutes and I was a hormonal catastrophe.) 

And though you would think this would cure me of gardening, it has not. I’ll just take my keys out with me next time.

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