Open Letter to Travelers on Hwy 27 Through Oxford, OH

Dear Fellow Traveler:

I am taking this opportunity to inform you of a ubiquitous yet possible deadly strain of the homo sapien; to wit, the ‘college student’, specifically the Miami University ‘college student’.

These life forms ‘students’ can be seen during the school year scuttling around their campus environs, through which your route will run.  They appear mainly during the times between classes and often have accessories such as iPods, cell phones, cigarettes, sunglasses or other various variety of accoutrement attached to their persons.  Despite the fact that they tend to cluster around an institute of higher learning, do not be fooled by this camouflage. Indeed, many of this sub-species seem to not possess the instinct for even self-preservation, making one wonder if they have perhaps left their brain and/or brain stems behind them when they molted from their native nest and migrated to the campus setting.

Often, you will note these types crossing the street randomly in front of your car without so much as a glance to the left or right. Whilst this shocking display of stupidity and arrogant lack of caution touching display of innocent, naive and trusting faith in the drivers engaged in traveling through their piddly-ass  charming little hive town may encourage some to hope for some sort of post-collegiate recovery following matriculation, in fact it can create an extremely hazardous and precarious driving situation.  Therefore, use EXTREME CAUTION when sighting these individuals since, while it might be Darwinian justice to actually have one exterminate itself under your car, it tends to create a mess and lots of paper-filling-outing, which is tedious and makes you late for your appointment in the next state.

As a final note, please be aware that some of these beings do in fact also get behind the steering wheels of cars, as well. This is perhaps even more deadly as the wanton recklessness blithe, carefree manner of their pedestrian life carries over into the driving world.  As a case in point, one darted out right in front of me this very afternoon, as if almost asking to be crushed in an absolute, broadside fashion. Carrying a young infant in my car, you can image how upsetting this would have been since smooshing this ‘student’ would have awakened said infant just as he had gotten to sleep and would have been exceedingly aggravating in that respect.

Again, these sub-species do seem to pop out of nowhere when you least expect it, so please use care as you travel through this heavily infested highly dangerous lair place.

Yours very sincerely,

Miles’s Mama


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sharon Sue
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 10:13:51

    You are the queen of the strikethrough, but I noticed that you did not share your knowledge with me. This morning dear husband got up and researched how to do strikethrough so that it can be applied to my blog. And now I feel like I have attained Michele-like status in at least this one regard.


  2. ~m
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 17:41:57

    Ah, well, I don’t know how it works on blogspot so i’m glad you got it figured out.


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