It’s just a dumb cat

I’ve been stewing all day over this cat.

Maybe I don’t have enough to do or something.  God knows there are so many more important issues in the world that I could create grey hairs over. 

But this is an injustice, too. It’s not a starving child and it’s not slavery and it’s not food shortages being created to fuel the U.S. desire to maintain a particular lifestyle but it’s cruel and part of the cruelty is that only saps like me care.

It’s just a cat. It could catch mice.

But just a few days ago it was part of a home, it had a sofa where it curled up, it had a human or two who gave it some sort of food and some sort of interaction, some pets and some scratches. Maybe it would even curl up on a lap when the human was watching TV.  Perhaps it had lived at that house since it was a kitten and was used to all the smells and noises of its environment.  Maybe it wasn’t a good environment but it was the environment and the smells and the noises and the humans that it knew and now it has been thrown out like some kind of cheap disposable item that our culture is so good at producing.  Daily contacts, one-use washcloths, throw-away pets.

I know people always say that cats are ‘independent’ but that’s just not so. Cats are just as sociable as dogs they just express it differently.  God knows I wish my cats were more independent, the needy little beggars.  Even right now as I type, Ollie our little SPCA kitty, is lying curled up right near my feet.

It’s different with dogs; people look at dogs and say ‘awww’; people look at cats and are more indifferent. And so it’s the bleeding hearts like me that have to step in and believe me, I wish I didn’t have to. I wish I could forget about it and just ignore it and just say it can catch mice, just like every other person who has stopped at that rest area this weekend.  Because who wants another cat? No one. They’re a dime a dozen; you can’t even give kittens away…and who wants a grown-up cat?

I sometimes even wish that we hadn’t taken in Sweetie and Shadow. They terrorize Ollie and Ollie is my Golden Fluffers. He’s my orange kitty and I wish I had more time for him right now and that the other cats didn’t make him feel like he had to live his life on the counter-tops when they are around.

And now I have to rescue another one?  But I can’t leave it and no one else wants it or cares and the animal shelters are full…and full of caged creatures that nobody wants living on metal grating and occasionally meowing hopefully when a new person comes in…and then settling back down when they realize that it’s going to be another cat that gets to leave.

I hate this.  And I know you’ll tell me I’m being an idiot.

After all, it’s just a dumb cat.

Another Dumb Cat that I Happen to Love


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. natalie
    Jul 08, 2008 @ 03:52:35

    i totally get it. i wouldn’t be allowed to keep it either, but i would be thinking about it a lot. i might be able to talk myself out of going back to find it, especially since it ran into the woods, but it would be on my mind a lot for sure!

    when i was little we had a cat that jumped out of our car at a rest area and ran into the woods. my parents looked for her, but never could find her. we were out of state on vacation so we never were able to go back and search.

    um…did that just make it worse? sorry!


  2. ~m
    Jul 08, 2008 @ 09:15:42

    Oh, poor kitty and poor Little Natalie! That is a sad story.
    Once when we moved our indoor/outdoor cat ran away from our new house and we thought we had seen the last of her (oh, the trauma!) but then she turned up again a few weeks or a week or however long later. And she lived till she was 18 and survived another move as well as living as an illegal immigrant in my college dorm room for a semester.


  3. The Mom
    Jul 08, 2008 @ 11:47:30

    And in her 17th year when I married Bob, Kitty Witty terrorized, traumatized, and finally conquered 3 large dogs at her new home – even to the point of sleeping on top of them!


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