These are the People in Your Neighborhood, Pt IV: Animal Planet

I have mentioned before the plethora of fauna that can be found in our backyard: the cats (that come and never go away again), the birds, the squirrels, the opossum and, most infamously, the skunk.

On Thursday morning, Troy wended his cheerful way to work as he does every weekday morning exiting via the back door only to encounter a ferocious mess. All the gardening detritus that I have floating about the porch was strewn about freely and madly. Our surmise was a catfight but the old kitty litter container that now contains the birdseed was also strewn about making me think, hm, Sherlock, surely kitties are not strong enough to tip over the birdseed container.

So LAST night round about 3:17 a.m., after the little guy had his second midnight snack, I heard rustling and tusseling on the porch and went down to investigate.

As it turns out, the porch was crawling with critters, ‘coon-type critters, to be exact.  Bold-as-brass ‘coon-types, as ‘coon-types are wont to be, still going about their business even when I flipped on the porch light and even when I tapped on the stormdoor glass.  They finally made a reluctant show of leaving, except for one little saucy fellow who was just convinced that that birdseed container was exactly his business and he actually couldn’t really understand why I wasn’t out there helping him out.  I made to open the door a little but that didn’t faze him and I really think he would have walked right into the kitchen if I had let him.

And baby raccoons, well, yes, ok, cute:

This is exactly what he looked like. Except without the tree branch.

His little black eyes were so inquisitive and the look on his face was exactly like a curious little thingamajig that it really was endearing but I, even I, am also very cognizant that ‘coon-types can carry DISEASES and am not too keen on offering free meals to a whole herd of raccoons on my back porch.

So we will be keeping the birdseed inside and not feeding the kitties when they are enjoying outdoor time during the day.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sharon
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 10:49:49

    What a wild life you and your porch lead. It’s a good thing all kitties were inside, as raccoons prey on them, no?


  2. The Mom
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 10:58:21

    My friend, who provides me with brown eggs from her free-range, organically fed chickens, says that raccoons sometimes kill her chickens, so I imagine thay could kill a kittie, too. So keep the feed and seed inside, and hopefully they will soon find happier hunting grounds.


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