These are the People in your Neighborhood

“Jennifer just had her baby last night”, she said as I pulled up beside her car. She was dressed in an aqua shirt and khaki shorts.

Quickly putting two and two together to get five, I realized Jennifer was her daughter and replied with some of the usual positive commentary that surrounds a newly arrived infant.

“It was another boy, her biggest one yet!”  Mentally, I wondered ‘how many does she have?  I thought there was only one older one…’ but Aqua Top kept going, saying “He was 7 lbs 2 oz and she was only 36 weeks along!  He came early!”

Well. Smirk. 7 lb 2 oz. Ha!  That’s nothing, right Miles?

So “congratulations” I say as she is obviously the proud grandmother.  And rightly so since new little babies deserve to have Very Proud Grandmothers.

I wonder, though. How many does Jennifer intend to have?  Not that it isn’t the prerogative of the species to reproduce and multiply but as far as I know she is still ‘working on her degree’. Certainly she lives at home still with her mother and, I think, the boyfriend–whichever one is the current one at the time–sometimes lives there, too. I think but I’m not sure because it’s all rather confusing since there is another sister as well who also has one little one (but she only has ONE, that I know) and HER sometimes, on-again-off-again-boyfriend seems to live there sometimes, too.  So there is a lot of coming and going.

I know you are thinking ‘mi-yeeow’ but if you saw these people, young kids or so it seems to me, the way they tear around the corner of the garage in our little alleyway in their cars so that they could truly kill someone because they wouldn’t be able to stop in time, the way the mamas sitting on the back steps or on the swing yell at the little ones who are playing in the yard to ‘come here’ or ‘stop it’, the way the baby daddies cuss freely at their kids. the way the kids whine. (the way the kids still get excited when ‘daddy’ has come. (does he even care?  has he ever given them a hug, or a more than cursory caress? does he know how? maybe not)). 

It could be worse, I know; there might not BE a grandma’s house to live at. They might beat the kids…I don’t think they do, or not much, anyway.  I think they do the best they can with what they have.

I guess no one can ask more than that, can they?


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  1. Steph
    Aug 25, 2008 @ 16:14:17

    Catty? No. Real? Yes. Maybe I’m just biased because I know these people. Well, not those SPECIFIC people (probably), but people like that, so this? Seemed like it was much nicer than it could have been.


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