Better Late than Never

On a few of the blogs that I read (yes, they are far too many but there are so many GOOD ones that it’s hard to limit myself to just the ones I do read. but otherwise I would spend even more time on the computer when I could be doing something useful, like reading and eating chocolate and drinking coffee. Not that using the computer doesn’t also involve those, but I refer to actual books)

Anyhoodle. What?

OH, yes. Some of the blogs I read have been posting a story about the Nielsons, which you, too, may have already heard about.  Perhaps you have heard about their plane crash, the death of their pilot, the horrible burns, the medically-induced comas (thank God for that. I cannot imagine the pain and trauma otherwise), their four little ones who are probably terrified for their mama and papa right now.

I don’t know the Nielsons. I have never read their blog. But their tragedy has been haunting me since I read about it and so I am going to post a link to the site regarding support for them so that you can cruise on over there if you are so inclined and see how you can help.

There is a live auction and all kinds of benefits going on in aid of this couple and their four little children.  I just know that if anything so horrible happened to Troy and I, having an outpouring of support from complete strangers who don’t even read your blog ought to have some kind of karmic influence for good and offer some kind of hope even amidst the shattered shreds of the life you knew before, facing a new and unknown and quite possibly very painful new life. 



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