Mr. Fussy Scaredypants

I have gone several times this summer to one of the local farmer’s markets in search of pastured and/or free range meats (depending on the type) for Miles (because, hi! I’m so not spending $14.87/lb on meat for T or I. We’ll just have to keep dealing with the steriods and the general inferior quality of vitamins, proteins and minerals in commericial meat.  I would buy it for us if I could, but I can’t afford it…unless we just use a teeny tiny bit for flavoring and that also is acceptable and maybe we’ll move that way…

…what was I talking about?)

Oh, yes. Protein. For Miles.


Well. The local(ish) farmer who provides the meat that I have been purchasing looks kind of like an unkepmt Santa Claus, if Santa were a regular Joe working farmer in a stained Cricket t-shirt instead of a right jolly old elf in red.

The poor man works on a working farm working long hours, I am sure, dealing with hoity-toity types of people who shop at farmer’s markets which probably doesn’t include HIM because HE can’t afford $14.87 for animal protein, either.

And my son, as if the man did not have enough to deal with during his day, my son is scared. of Santa. He has cried the past two times we went.  The first time he was facing outward in his carrier and I had to turn him around. This time I put him facing me before we left the car to see if that would make a difference but


He cried.

He kept turning around to look at Unkempt Santa and cry. And then he would burrow his head into me and play dead, trying to pretend that if he acted like he was sleeping (MILES: yeah, right. You NEVER sleep. NO ONE is going to believe that one. Nice try, tho.) then maybe Unkempt Santa wouldn’t EAT him. Or grind him up and sell him for $14.87.

So. We will not be having any pictures with Santa this year, not even if it costs less than $14.87.



He kind of looked like this. But employed.


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  1. Amberlina
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 21:36:26



  2. Lisa
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 21:37:58



  3. The Mom
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 11:19:17

    Brandon was always afraid of Santa, too. He (Brandon) threw up on the very first one who tried to hold him:)


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