That Day


That day when…

…you had a huge file to get done

….when you had promised to be intentional about providing the amount of interaction the little guy needed with your whole mind and attention focused on him, not elsewhere

…you grabbed pieces of mulch out of chubby little fingers headed mouthward numerous times before giving up and going back inside

…you finished lunch at 4:30 (and Chinese take-out at 6:30? Why not?!)

…the cuppa you brewed at 4:45 p.m. to chase away the tiredness still stood cooled and undrunk at 8:52 p.m.

…you finished the enormous file after hubby came home to play with the little guy, hunched over your computer pushing the Chinese take-out in in between sentences

…after being bled on by a little mouth that got cut, you realize that the diapers are still on the line and need to be brought in and fluffed

….and after the diapers are brought in and being fluffed, there are still the poopy cat boxes to clean out and THAT DARN CAT (applicable to all 3) has peed over the edge again in the box that is too small for her big arse to fit in all because she needs to mark her litter box. and they are ALL her litter box.

…and after the diapers are fluffing and the cat boxes are cleaned, the little guy is all fresh and clean from his bath and waiting to be nursed to sleep.

and you nurse him (whilst enjoying the calm stillness that finally descends upon him as he falls asleeep, for once still and quiet, his red little bow mouth still pouty from the evening’s ouchy)

and, after all this, you realize


there is no ice cream in the house


That, my friends, is a crying shame.


This my freezer it hath not. Oh, the misery.


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  1. natalie
    Sep 20, 2008 @ 02:13:52

    sounds like a day alright. for 2 days now i have done nothing. i’ve laid around and lamented the fact that i am back in turkey and have responsibilities. i guess i should get off my butt and do something. sigh. where do i even start? laundry? dishes? vacuuming? how depressing!


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