Some more musings on the topic that everyone is musing about

Yes, more thoughts on the election.  To gloat? No. To express what it means to me and why it was so important.

I backed Obama. That’s no secret. Most people in my extended family  most likely did not. And that’s OK.  Senator McCain is a man for whom I have a great respect. I think he would have made a decent president. Certainly, as President-elect Obama said in his speech, he has served his country far beyond what most of us will ever be called on to do.  I didn’t find him to be the best candidate this time around, though.  I felt his election to office would have only ushered in more of the same legacy of generations before.

I have never been interested in politics. Mostly, it has frustrated me and made me come away shaking my head, throwing up my hands, and feeling tired and cynical.

But not this time.

This time, for the first time in my life, I felt caught up in the urgency and reality and vitality. I came to vote for someone for whom I desired the presidency, not just someone that I voted for because I didn’t like the other candidate, or not even voting at all because neither candidate seemed like the stuff of presidents.

I came late to the Obama bandwagon, it’s true, as I looked around and considered. But once I fell, I fell hard and felt that for once, here was a candidate who could quite possibly make true and actual changes, who could actually be a force for something better beyond just a figurehead (or worse).

As I waited on the days coming up to the election I felt keyed up and nervous, a kind of stage fright. I wasn’t terribly certain that the results were in the box…nothing is certain in politics.  Yesterday was a state of tense waiting and this morning, as I got up and watched President-elect Obama’s acceptance speech, I felt overwhelmed (yes, I cried. I did, too.  I’m cool like that). I felt euphorically happy. I felt that there was, maybe, a chance for this country after all.  I felt like a huge weight had lifted and today, I feel celebratory, like I want to shake everyone’s hand and have impromptu parties.

Did any Republicans feel that way about McCain?  When was the last time anyone felt that way about any candidate?  The incredible way that people who had never voted before were mobilized, the way that people coming from both parties came together and were united for a cause they all believed in beyond the partisan rhetoric.

Of course, he is only one man. And he has an incredible task before him given the colossal mess he is, alas, inheriting. 

But I feel, and probably most people who voted for him feel, that a new step has been taken, a step toward getting this country back on track, toward regaining some dignity with other governments and citizens of other countries (and yes, that IS important).

Yes, we can? 

I sure hope so. 

And I am excited in a way I have never been before.

(Sorry to have bored you; that is, if you are still reading.)





3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sharon
    Nov 05, 2008 @ 19:40:57

    I felt the same–cheered and cried last night as he gave his acceptance speech.


  2. norba920
    Nov 06, 2008 @ 10:03:39

    woo! go barry!

    hey, i can’t wait to see you kids tomorrow. let me know if there’s anything special i should bring.


  3. ~m
    Nov 06, 2008 @ 14:33:18

    Sharon, I wish I could have seen it live like you did!

    Rob, just bring your unicorn. We’ll try to rustle up some food for it. And also rainbows.


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