Doing our best to keep the Medical Practice inBusiness

Last week Miles saw a pediatric opthamologist to determine whether or not he had esotropia of the right eye because his doctor wasn’t sure.

He didn’t, which was determined after about 5 minutes with the opthamologist, who we waited to see for 1.5 hours or so, merely confirming what we knew all along. He’s FINE.

In 14 months, this healthy child has:

spent 5 days in the NICU, 3 of which were spent having a ‘cooling treatment’ (which totally and completely sucked and was, in my professional parental opinion, a useless waste) and included many tubes, wires, monitors and an encephologram

seen 3 neurologists

had an MRI

had a trip to the ER (the only necessary one of the bunch)

seen a hearing specialist

seen 3 lactation consultants, 2 of which were seen multiple times

seen one pediatric opthamologist

had regular and frequent ‘well-baby’ check-ups and been dosed with vaccinations designed to provide short-term immunity against certain diseases


And this is for a 14-month old with no history of problems and no health issues. 


But at least the doctors have work.




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