MY Charitable Donations are Better than YOUR Charitable Donations

This year we are all giving each other a donation to a charitable organization. Because we are insufferable goodie two-shoes.

Talking today with one person for whom I will donate, I realized that I did not approve of this person’s choice of charity to which this person wished to be donated for (by? now I’m all confused by prepositions). 

This person’s choice was a charity that gives out Bibles to, um, hotels and stuff. It rhymes with…uh, Gideon. Actually, it sounds EXACTLY like that.  Now, fostering the spiritual welfare of others is, of course, important but I would rather see my cash go towards buying surgery for some child with a deformity or protecting the environment or providing a goat to a child in poverty or buying well initiatives for a village in need of potable water or provide safe, educational spaces for at-risk kids in poor neighborhoods of 3rd world countries.  In short, I want TANGIBLE, PRACTICLE results that I can SEE and that change someone’s physical well-being.

How can you address someone’s spiritual needs if they are hungry?  Or sick? Or too busy wondering how they are going to provide for their family?

That’s just me, I guess.

Because I am more awesome and much better than anyone else, of course.


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  1. bejewell
    Dec 20, 2008 @ 22:58:23

    As a general rule it’s a bad idea to donate in the name of others to anything religion-based, unless you know them really, really well and all go to the same church or something. They could turn out to be godless heathens* like myself.

    Last year I gave everyone gift cards to Charity Choice, which is this great web site they can go to and donate the money to any charity on the list — everything from the Red Cross to Susan G. Komen to the Humane Society. It was awesome because then the person receiving the gift actually gets to choose where the money goes.

    Happy holidays!**

    *I HAVE actually been called that, and have the letter framed in my house to prove it.

    ** Did you see how I did that? Happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas? Non-religious, right? I practice what I preach***, yo.

    ***The word “preach” in that last footnote should iin no way be taken to imply that I am a preacher. That would totally negate the point of this entire comment. Duh.


    • ~m
      Dec 21, 2008 @ 10:59:24

      Bejewell, you are both awesome AND you crack me up AND thanks for the heads up about that website! And even if you are godless, I would venture that you are not a heathen AND that is awesome that you have a framed letter from someone telling you you are a godless heathen. i would like to see that. maybe you can do a post on it???

      Enjoy the seasonal winter activities. (I see your non-religious greetings and raise it by one. “holidays”, indeed. Don’t you know that “holiday” is a formation from the word “holy”? 😛 )


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