New Year’s Fail

Growing up I always had something going on on New Year’s Eve because there was always something going on with church/youth group: ie, midnight bowling (oh, the smell of a smoke-filled, sweaty-bowling-shoes New Year’s Eve).
Once I grew out of youth group, there were high school friends. In fact, one New Year’s Eve the marching band found itself in Florida for some event or other and we ended up riding Space Mountain at the stroke of midnight. Actually, we kept getting right back on every time the ride ended so that we could SAY we had ridden Space Mountain at the stroke of midnight. The attendants must have thought we were high. Or dumb high schoolers. Or, perhaps, both but my lips are sealed on that one. (Except that, since my mom reads this, I should confess that really it was just high schooler antics; no drugs were involved to enhance our natural dumbness.)
After high school, things pretty much were…non-existent…on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t really keep up w/ high school friends and my university friends lived elsewhere leaving me to become one of those New Year’s Eve Losers.
My folks would go off to their party at one of THEIR friends’ homes and there I would be, sitting sad and alone, perhaps sewing something, definitely feeling sorry for myself, and going to bed early.
Things kind of picked up again after I got married…now I had someone else with whom to feel lacrimose and maudlin on New Year’s Eve.
Of late, New Year’s Eve has been hit or miss. Last New Year’s Eve was a complete disaster as we attempted to go out for dinner with a colicky Tiny Tyrant (oh, the pain. and embarrassment.) but this New Year’s Eve we even got invited somewhere by someone who felt sorry for us a new aquaintance (thanks, Stella B!). We didn’t get to go but it was nice to be invited, all the same. Made me feel less of a New Year’s Eve Loser.
Someday we’ll be able to have our own New Year’s Eve traditions that will hopefully involve greater quantities of alcohol memory-making events than the past several have.

But for now, we are still New Year’s Eve Losers.

Happy New Year to you, from one loser to…a Not Loser.


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  1. natalie
    Jan 03, 2009 @ 01:56:01

    we met some of our new neighbors on new years eve. then we stood outside talking to them until we were freezing. we also got to watch another set of neighbors attempt to blow up the block with his massive fireworks display. crazy! i’m glad to be back!


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